Sunday, January 30, 2011

what did I do?!

So I make a second mug rug.  It's okay, not as artistic as I'd like, but... well, as I said before, the creativity just isn't there right now :-(     Go into the sewing room - nope, no creativity, so let's see what I have in the FQ bin...... Oh, my, I have some FQ's in another drawer, so pull it out - yep, quite few in here.  Oh.... What's in this drawer?  Well, gee maybe a few more FQ's .....And before you know it, the file cabinet is empty of it's contents and it's all over my sewing room.   DH reminds me we have dinner to go to - Oh crap!  So now my sewing room looks like a tornado went through it and I have a quilt to finish and another to get on the frame....and I will not sew in a tornado strewn room - guess what's on my agenda for tomorrow?!  Guess I needed to get some new organzation done anyway :-)


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Sally said...

wait? what? that's NOT normal? It is around here. Er, was. :( I used to decorate with fabric ya know!