Tuesday, January 18, 2011

no sew days

No sewing for me the past couple days.  Monday I dug into my storage shed.  Emptied it completely, pulled out the shelves.  Swept out the cobwebs, even mopped up the concrete floor.  Then I purged!  My dear SIL passed away over a year ago and her husband (My DH's brother) gave me about 8 huge storage bins of fabric.  I initially went through everything, pulled out all the cotton, washed it up and put it into my stash.  I knew there was alot of polyester that I'd never use, but simply couldn't bring myself to get rid of it.  I was finally able to go through it again, pull out fabric that I thought I'd use and donated the rest to the community thrift store.  My DH took almost a truck load of fabric, clothing and misc.  to the thrift store and they were happy to get it.  My storage shed is now organized and I can actually see what I have stored!
Today was simply a cleaning day (must be the warmer temps).  So with clean house and the laundry done, I will have no reason to ignore my sewing room tomorrow.  I have one more quilt top to assemble and then I will have to get some actual quilting done (even if I don't have the stitch regulator working).
Hopefully, next time I blog, I will be able to share some pictures :-)


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Sally said...

ah yeah, I rememberthose days fondly...the ones when I could do all that in ONE day. Good job getting it done, I know it's a relief!!!