Sunday, February 27, 2011

a plan

My DGD just turned 16 and I let her choose the fabrics for her 16 yr. old quilt:

She chose these designs to go with her quilt.  Obviously she'll have a red, black and white quilt.  She also saw this fabric in my stash:
And she really loves the late 60's early 70's 'style'.  She would like me to make her something with this piece of fabric and I'm thinking maybe a toiletry bag......
QFC charity for Mar/ April will be making quilts for an NICU unit.  We've also been asked to make some hospital bags.  I've made 5 of these bags that use plastic tubing to keep the tops open and the handles of the bags are made to be fastened over a hospital bed rail, arm of a wheel chair, etc...

These little bags go together really quickly once you get the first one done.  I did these sort of assembly line but one could be done in less than hour.
But I started my day with this!

Winter wonderland! Someone forgot to tell Arizona that we're supposed to be warm and sunny.  I know compared to a very larger percentage of the U.S., this is nothing but I HATE the cold.  I'm from the U.P. of  Michigan originally and have lived in Alaska - I live in AZ for a reason!!!
As I stated when I started this post, my DGD turned 16.  For her birthday, DH & I took her to Olive Garden for dinner.  Then because we simply ate too much Kari and I decided to walk around a 'cosmetic' store (she's realy 'into' the makeup and beauty stuff).  This particular store had signs all over the store 'buy a certain amount in their store brand product and receive a free gift'.  Well that really appeal to my GD, so we chose the required amount to receive the free gift.  Get to the register and I ask if what we selected warranted the 'free' gift and I was told they no longer had the gift.  So I asked the clerk if I could receive a gift card/rain check for the gift.  I was told no, because it was only while supplies lasted.  Well, alrighty then!!! So why are there signs all over the store still advertising this?  I do believe this is considered 'baiting' the consumer.  If the selected items had not been for my GD, I would have simply walked out of the store.  Instead, I treated my GD anyway and now have an email into said company.  I'm seriously thinking I will be writing the County Attorney's Consumer Protection division as well.  I really hate when I see the 'baiting' that these companies do.  I mean, we see it all the time in flyers, especially during the holidays.  And the flyers state "limited quantities" but when you go into the stores, they don't have signage throughout their store still advertising the special.  This is right up there with False Advertising and it really ticked me off, so I'm going to do something about it.  Will anything become of it?  Probably not, but I'll feel better ;-)
Guess that's about it for now.  I will spend tomorrow finishing stitching out the designs for my DGD's birthday quilt and start cutting fabric (once I come up with a pattern )
Til next time,


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Odds and Ends

I saw a Lil Twister quilt on another site and decided I wanted to try and do one - Alas, I didn't have the tool/ruler.  So, I just taped my 6½ ruler for a placement line and made up 2 - 4 patch quilts with borders and these little quilts are what I came up with.  I won't go into details as to how I did what - as I don't know if that is a copyright infringement.  I'm not even sure I did it right, but I do like the results ohof my endeavors.  I'm thinking I will be making a full size quilt using this method.
I made a Chelsea bag/backpack from Lazy Girl designs (sorry no picture - maybe later).  I wanted to have a bag for going to Disney with family at the end of March - lets me carry all my junk with hands free :-)  I've probably made about 4 of these bags (maybe more) and  they really carry alot of stuff!
It's actually been pretty slow in the quilting department - I think I just about have the pattern I want to use for a new quilt for me - just need to work on the dimensions.
Until next time - hope everyone is staying in good health and being creative.


Sunday, February 20, 2011

in the mail

I received the cutest mug rugs from Gerda (from Netherlands!)  She also sent a pattern for a little wall hanging of little dresses that is perfect to make up for my granddaughter who just turned a year old.  And look at that pretty note card she sent along!
Thank you so much to Gerda - these bright colors just make me smile.  I truly love them.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A week?

Yep, been a week since I blogged!  Guess my Blah day lasted longer than just a day ;-)  I have managed to figure out how to knit using the continental method - talk about a faster way to knit!  Started the toe up socks, too - but I've put that aside for a bit.  I really want a shawl.  Not just a decorative flimsy thing.  Something to keep my arms warm.  Couldn't find something knitted that I liked.  I came across a crocheted shawl using two strands of worsted weight yarn and the big Q crochet hook - going quickly and it will be warm.
Quilting??? Yes, I've done some of that too.  Actually managed to get the last of the QFC quilts quilted, trimmed and waiting for their labels and binding - that's on the agenda for tomorrow.  I've been browsing some of my older quilt magazines and some quilt books to find a pattern for a new quilt. 
The Tin Lizzy isn't playing nice again - don't know what's going on but I'm not happy!  Emailed customer service at TL and have received no answer.  Get more help from the TL Yahoo group!  I've done the last couple quilts in the manual mode - it's okay once you coordinate your speed with that of the machine, but when you pay for the ability to have stitch regulation, you expect to be able to use it! 
Hopefully, I'll have some pictures for you next time!


Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Yes, today has been a Blah day.  Started out with laundry, then grooming my fur baby (Schnauzer), then went down hill from there!  I pressed a quilt top and backing, laid it over the frame - but just didn't feel like   working on it.  Walked into the sewing room - nope nothing interested me there either.  So what have I done for the afternoon???  I watched knitting videos.   Yes, I'm a knitter, too.  I wouldn't say I'm a good knitter, but I'm a bit more than a beginner.  I really want to master socks.  I have completed two pair on the circular needles and have learned something new each time I've knitted a pair - the main thing I've learned?? I have more to learn ;-)  I've started a third pair using some really nice sock yarn.  It's soooo soft!  but somehow, I've managed to be working on the back needle instead of the front???  I'm thinking I'll be pulling this out and starting over.  But.... I have directions to do toe up socks and couldn't figure out the "Figure 8" cast on.  Finally watched a few videos over on You Tube and think I may be able to figure this out!  And the Judy Becker Magic Cast on....... yep, I should be able to do that.  I'm thinking I'll be using larger needles and some worsted weight yarn to work the first pair - hey, I like slipper socks!  So wish me luck on my new endeavor.  Also I've been looking at the wooden needles over on the Knit Pick website - thinking I'd like to have some of those to try.  The idea of warm wood over cold nickle just appeals to me as my hands seem to be cold all the time.  And..... (I know, is she done yet?!) I do have carpal tunnel and my hands go numb alot.... I mean really, two rounds of knitting and no feeling in my fingers...  I did watch some videos on the 'continental' style of knitting - think I'll give that a try too.  I guess it's sort of like quilting - different techniques to achieve the same thing - I might as well give those new (to me) techniques a try and see what happens. 
Okay, off to pull out my larger circular needles and a skein of yarn and see what kind of mess I can make!


Monday, February 7, 2011

So I played!

It had been awhile (years!) since I've done any machine applique.  I'd had some strips of these little squares (background) and put them together and went from there:

After fusing and stitching around the petals and leaves, I did a bit of embellishing stitches. The stems I just used a satin stitch.  I wanted a bit of depth, so the red centers are little stuffed circles that I stitched on.  Then because it's also been awhile since I did any free motion quilting on my domestic machine, I did a bit of that around the flowers and leaves and also stitch in the ditch on the border.  Doesn't show up much on the front (I used monofiliment) but on the back it does - not too bad!
Because I wanted this as a little hanger.  I used the triangles in the corners with a little loop in the center.  I took two bamboo skewers and taped together and they stabilize the top for hanging:

And my little hanging now lives on the sewing room door!

So now that I've played, I'll get down to business.
I took the 7 QFC quilt tops I've received and pulled fabrics for the backings.  Some needed to be pieced, so got that done.  Mickey always sends the binding strips and I got those stitched together and all but 2 bindings ready for once the quilts are quilted.  I'll get those quilts quilted / finished and then I'll have 13 quilts to send for the Bay Area Crisis Nursery which is the Jan/Feb charity selected by Quilters for Comfort.


Saturday, February 5, 2011

now to play

Raffle quilts done and delivered!
Because I showed the quilt tops, here's just a close up.  The one above is after it was washed so it's taken on it's wrinkly personality already!  I love the little birds embroidery - wished they showed up better.

Just a sampling of some of the postcards I've received from various swaps over the years.  I really do love these little works of art.

A few more - I've never counted how many I have, but each one is very unique and special in it's own right.
So it's SuperBowl weekend - and yes I will watch.  I know several sites are having 'sew-ins' and from what I've read of them, they sound like fun.  But I truly enjoy watching football.  But for today, I will sew and do a little baking.  Don't know if my son and family will come here to watch the game or if he's wanting DH & I to go there, but I'm thinking I just prefer to stay home this year.  I'll be putting some hot wings in the smoker, making up some potato salad and who knows what else. 
Anyway.....hope everyone has a great weekend.


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

more quilting

I did get the second raffle quilt quilted today.  I was going to try feathers in the individual blocks but did not want to do wreaths. Did one block in a random curve with the feathers - didn't like it and picked it all out.  I did do a 'sort of' feather border and just free motion meandered the 'body' of the quilt. I was using a thread that really blended in with the fabric and was thinking I'd be disappointed in my quilting, but when I removed the quilt from the frame and checked out the back , I was a bit impressed with myself.  Maybe I'm getting this stuff figured out..... Now I will do the stitch in the ditch around the first border.  Have to go into Tucson (about 50 miles) tomorrow, so don't know when I'll get pictures posted.  Once this one is done, I'm thinking I'll take some time to play before working on the 7 comfort quilts I have waiting.  I love machine quilting and really need to spend more time just practicing, but every once in awhile, I just want to put all on hold and just play in my fabrics.  So, look for pictures in my next post (I hope)