Saturday, January 1, 2011

Do you ever wonder????

As I sit here on this first day of the New Year, my mind begins to wander and I'm thinking of the 'custom made' gifts I gave this year at Christmas.  I think about starting to make some items and put away for Christmas 2011.  Then I wonder, do those little mug rugs, tissue holders, small zippered bag, etc.... ever get used?  Do the things that I find cute and useful appeal to the recipient?  Do you ever wonder the same thing?  Does it really matter to you?  I know a gift is given in the spirit of love and whatever the recipient does with it is up to them.  But..... if I spend time, whether much time or little time, I'd like to think that the 'custom made' item was appreciated and not thought of as useless.  Sometimes I wonder.....


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mary said...

I made wall hangings for Christmas for my kids and Bea. From the kids responses or rather lack of them I will never do that again. I know that one last week was still tossed in the car from when I gave it early dec. Oh well, I like mine and am enjoying it. mary