Monday, September 11, 2017

just some chatter

June 4th was my last post - looking like I'm only doing this every 3 months or so..  I seem to be doing more quilting for QFC than actually working on my own projects.....  I came home from Sew Fest this year thinking I only had two that I had assembled to quilt and finish and then someone who volunteered fell through and I ended up with 5 more.  On top of that, I already had 8 to quilt for the Senior's Center quilt ladies.  Now I still have 5 more of my own that are 'in waiting' and have been for quite some time.  Do you do that?  Find yourself working more on things for others than you do yourself?

these are the quilts I got done at Sew Fest.  I really like the 4-patch lattice (bottom) and have some fabric that I will probably make one for myself with.  Just a lot of bias edges, so need to remember to starch a bit heavier.
The hurricanes hitting our country - my heart goes out to those people who are struggling with clean up and repair / rebuild.  Irma became personal as my sister lives just outside Tampa on the coast side.  To say I was thankful that it hit as a Cat 2 versus the 4 they thought it might be is putting it lightly.  She is without electric, but their home is intact and undamaged.  Still don't know how the boat faired, but I was more concerned over their safety and them having a home they could return to.   After Hurrican Harvey, there was a big cry for quilts on the groups I belong to through FaceBook and as quilters, I know we all wanted to help and do what we do - make quilts!  I am hoping people remember that the most immediate need to disaster victims is always food, water & shelter - a quilt can not provide that but a monetary donation to a reputable charity can.  So please consider a monetary donation - maybe in the amount of what it would cost for postage to ship a quilt...
Until next time ...