Monday, April 28, 2014

no quilting

Got some sewing done, but nothing quilt related.   I wanted to make a bag.  Sort of like a cosmetic bag shape – but bigger.  Spent a couple days figuring out a size I’d like, drafting the pattern and then sewing it together:

IMG_0025aI really like  the fabrics I chose.  I used a fusible fleece on the outside fabric and a medium weight fusible interfacing on the lining.  I like the firmness of the bag with the exception of the top.  It tends to want to sag in.  I’m thinking if I make this again, I will figure out a way to insert small tubing in the curved seam lines.   And now that it’s done, I’m not sure how I’ll use it….

Then I came across this a while back when reading quilting blogs.  And while I was in a creative mood decided to give it a go:

IMG_0029aI liked the little pockets across the belly.  To give it some stability I used the poly beads in the bottom.  I made a little pouch – sort of like a bean bag – to keep the beads from shifting.  The white yarn I added to be able to close the wings:

IMG_0030I didn’t get the wings positioned quite right, so they’re a little ‘funky’.  I’ve decided this is a little guy and will be my sewing buddy.  He makes me smile…..

Maybe this week, I’ll work on some quilting stuff…..


Friday, April 18, 2014

Left overs and orphans

Before I cut fabric to make a quilt, I always try the pattern first using scraps.  Therefore, I have orphans.  And then there is the figuring out if I’ve cut the right size.  Sometimes when  I’m working out a new technique that I’ve seen or a new block, I try to figure it out on my own and end up with odd size units.  Or, I will make too many of one unit and have the left overs.  So what to do with these?  Now I love scrappy quilts but most of the time these orphans and left overs are so different in colors, not to mention sizes and shapes, a quilt would simply look junky (in my opinion) if I put them all together. I decided to put a backing on the frame, use my scraps of batting and just lay these units and blocks down and quilt.  It gave me an opportunity to play with some quilting designs, too…

mass quiltingThe ones down the left hand side I added some Insulbright batt to them and I’m using them as hot pads in the kitchen.  The blue/pink has embroidery on it and I thought it was too pretty to be used as a hot pad, so it went into my bath to add a touch of color.  The pink/green pieces I’m using as runners – as well as the small squares piece on the bottom.  The smaller unit pieces I’m using as coasters.  I have quite a few more leftovers and orphans but these are what fit on the piece of fabric I used for backing.  The larger pieces I did use a binding to finish the edges, on the coasters, I used a satin stitch around the edges.  A bit of a tip here:  I like to use a stabilizer when doing satin stitch around the edges.  I have the embroidery machine so I have used tear-away and water soluable stablizers.  I think the pieces simply feed through the machine better..

So, what do you do with your left overs and orphans???


Thursday, April 10, 2014

If you like pictures…..

I know many times a picture is what draws me in to read a blog.  I love seeing what others are creating.  There is so much talent in the world and I am so bad about sharing pictures – shame on me. 

In my last post I told you about the quilts I received from Barb J.  Here’s a small sampling of those quilt that need to be completed:

I’m assuming that the Horse head center, the strip and the jelly roll quilt tops were done by Barb herself.  You can see from the others how rough the edges are.  Here is a before and after of one of the quilts I bordered and finished:


There was several different chicken print fabrics in this quilt and I just happen to have that chicken fabric in my stash so it worked out really well.  I did just a simple quilting on this and I like that it gave a bit of texture to the quilt.

On the QFC front, I’ve been receiving Preemie blankets from some of the ladies.  Here’s a sampling (with a couple close ups) of those:

These little blankets measure 14” X 19”.  Just enough to cover those tiny babies and help keep them warm.  Whenever I make one of these, I think of what a parent might be going through with having a baby so very small fighting for it’s life.  I hope the little quilt/blanket gives that parent a bit of a smile and I say a quick little prayer for the health of the child who the quilt will cover….

And… Pillowcases – a few of these have been sent out, too:

IMG_0046These were made from the kits that Barb J. put together.  And these:

IMG_0045are from fabrics I had in my stash…

I hope you enjoyed the pictures.  Now let’s see if I can remember to take (and post) pictures more often…