Thursday, September 26, 2013

Not feeling it…

Okay, so I told you about the Dolphin quilt.  Let me say here that I normally really like the quilts I make.  I have a hard time parting with many of them… This one, well…. I’m just not feeling the love:


Here is the body of the quilt without it’s borders.  First, I’m disappointed that the colors are not exactly (or probably even close) to the Dolphins colors.  I think they should have been lighter…. I think the designs are cute, though:

IMG_0009a  Designs are from Ace Points. Secondly, I think my use of solid, instead of print fabrics, was a mistake.  I doubt I will ever again make a quilt using only solid fabrics.

I had already made up my mind to add black & grey borders.  I decided on grey as the outer border – not sure I’m liking that either:

IMG_0010aThis quilt is on the frame and I will quilt it today.  I would really like to do something special on this quilt, but because I really don’t like it, it probably is not going to happen.  I’m at the point where I just want it done and gone!  Hopefully, once quilted, it will a little more likeable!

Now this quilt I’m lovin’

IMG_0005The Dresden Plates measure 20” each and I’m using 4” scrap squares to build out from the center.  This one I can hardly wait to finish! 

Next week will be another busy week for me – no sewing (bummer).. My sister and her significant other will be here Fri. evening and leave the following Tues.  He has never been to my home so, of course, I want to make a good impression, and that means all those lick and promises have to become follow-throughs.  Plus, my sister has requested a family Mexican dinner and that means a day making tamales.  On top of that I get the privilege of turning 60…. I can remember thinking 60 was ancient.    I think I’ve changed my mind.  Though there are  times I do feel ancient…..

Have a great day, I’m off to the quilting room….


Friday, September 20, 2013

A Quick Summer

Did your summer go by as quickly as mine did?  Sunday is the first day of Autumn and here in southeast AZ we’ll never notice the change of season.  We’re just about out of our rainy season, and here where I live we didn’t get near the rain we normally get (sad).  Phoenix is still in the 100+ temp range (so glad I don’t live there!)  Once we start showing signs of summer leaving it’ll be wonderful.  There will be a slight crispness in the air with gentle breezes and I will enjoy it very much!  Okay enough about the weather…. So, did you have productivity over the summer?  I did as far as QFC goes.  Going to Sew Fest and then finishing 9 quilts after I got home.  Here’s a sampling:

I was in such a hurry to get the box sent off that I didn’t get pictures of the last quilts I completed.  See, I told you I’ve gotten really bad a taking pictures!  My G-sons’ football league is having a ‘parents night’ and they requests items for raffle and my DIL asked if I’d do a quilt.  Their league is the Oro Valley Dolphins and have the same colors as the pro team.  I’m embroidering a set of Dolphins and thought I’d got the right colors (orange and teal) fabric…. well the teal I think will end up being too ‘blue’ to be correct, but I’ve already got most of the blocks assembled so it’ll have to do.  Okay, Okay,  I can hear you now, Kitty yes I will work really hard to remember to take pictures!!!! 

If you follow me, you know I’m a horrible blogger and I’ve noticed I only have one post this month.  I won’t make excuses but I do have reasons.   I told you in my last post about my friend in the hospital – well he’s still there.  Actually in a rehab facility.  The doctors have finally given him a diagnosis of arthritis and he’s received injections in his knees and is walking with a walker.  He is hoping to come home soon.  I was in Prescott Valley for a few days while my sister-in-law underwent her procedure.  I was in Tucson yesterday and back down there today.  I had a small cyst on my jaw that got infected and today I am having it surgically removed.  That small, less-than-a-pencil-eraser sized cyst went to the size of a nickel and was sore.  From my general practitioner, to a dermatologist, to a plastic surgeon – has only taken 2 months to get to the point of removal….

Okay I’m off to get some things done before I have to head into Tucson and again tomorrow as my G-sons’ have ball games each Sat.  Maybe I’ll rest on Sunday Smile

Happy beginning of Autumn,


Friday, September 6, 2013

Just chit chat

What a week this has been.  I did manage to quilt and bind 2 Sew Fest quilts (still need to take pictures).  I started adding those 4” squares to the Dresden plates and I really like how that is all coming together.  I still don’t feel like I’ve accomplished much this week.  We have a good friend who is in the hospital with severe pain in both his knees and ankles and, so far, the doctors can not find out what is wrong.  He had his lady friend fly in to help him with some of his financial stuff and we gladly went to get her from the airport.  The next day it was back to Tucson for doctor’s appointments for both the hubby and myself.  Back into Tucson tomorrow for my g-sons’ football games.  This year they are on different teams, playing at different times at different fields.  This all adds up to the entire day in Tucson, but I wouldn’t miss it for the world Smile 

This morning as I was surfing the different blogs, it dawned on me how close Christmas really is and that I really don’t have a clue what to do for my family.  The kids are getting older now and really know what they want.  I’d prefer to just give them a gift card but I’ve always felt that was so impersonal (it’s a “just me” thing).  With not knowing what the current trend is in toys in the specific age groups, it just seems to be mind boggling to me.  I’ve already discussed with my DIL that I think it’s time to concentrate gift buying for just the kids as the adults buy what they want, when then want anyway.  She seemed to be in agreement…..

My SIL has to have her ureter stent replaced every 4 months so that means a trip to Prescott Valley north of Phoenix for a few days.  When we get back from that, I need to do some home maintenance such as touch up paint around door jams and such.  My sister and her significant other is coming the beginning of October.  She’s talked about taking a trip to the Grand Canyon as he has never been out west.  That will be at least a one night and more likely a two night stay.  I still have not been able to get from her exactly when they’re coming, how long they’re staying (and they will be staying at a hotel and not at my home – he likes his own space…..) or what they’d really like to do / see while they’re here.  I’m sure it will all be very last minute but I haven’t seen my sister in 3 years and I’m looking forward to the visit and her significant other is a great guy so I’m sure we’ll enjoy the time however, wherever we go…

My day today will be spent putting my home in order as having been out for the past couple of days, things have been put down but not put away.  I need to do laundry, mop and vacuum, dust – oh yeah all the usual fun stuff…..  I hope to get some pictures for a future post.  Before the time of digital photography, I carried my 35mm with me everywhere so as to not miss a photo op.  You think I’d be better at taking pictures for posting on my blog????  Maybe I don’t put as much importance in my crafting/ hobby as I should????  Ah well, stay tuned and maybe I’ll have some pictures next time Smile

Have a great weekend,