Tuesday, December 31, 2013

And we’re off!!!!

To 2014!   2013 is almost history, and actually in some parts of the world – already is!  So off to 2014.  Will you set goals?  Do you make New Year resolutions?  Have a big vacation planned?  Me?  No real goals.  Like most, I’d like to lose a few pounds and like to think I’ll make healthier choices, but I’m also a realist…. New Year resolutions?  Not for me – I don’t want to feel like a failure at the end of a year.  I’d rather concentrate on what I did than on what I didn’t do!  Big vacations – nothing out of the ordinary.  I will attend Sew Fest with the QFC group.  This year it is being held in Sept. on the Oregon coast.

I’ve sat here this morning wondering what I did in 2013 and was thinking “not much”… then I looked at some pictures and realized I really did have a pretty full year.  I wish I knew how to make one of those picture collages, I’d post one of some of my finishes this year.  Alas, I don’t know how so I won’t repost pictures that I’ve already posted…  In summary, though…. I made at least 12 quilt tops and all but 4 of those have been quilted so therefore – finished!  I quilted I-don’t-know-how-many quilts for QFC (Quilters for Comfort for those who don’t follow me on a regular basis) and constructed a few quilts start to finish for that, too.  I made most of my Christmas gifts, either by sewing or knitting.  I sewed a few ‘home dec’ items.  And that’s the sewing room stuff.  I spent 5 days at Disneyland with my son and family – super great time but always reminds me that I’m not getting any younger.  I don’t keep up with those (now) 4, 7 & 10 year olds!  I spent a week at the QFC Sew Fest in the White Mountains here in AZ at a wonderful retreat called Quilting on the Rim – talk about relaxation!!!!  Saw my granddaughter, Kari, graduate from high school and start her studies in journalism at Northern Arizona University (can you tell I’m just a bit proud?!)  My 10 year old grandson hunted and shot his first deer (yes, the men in our family are hunters!).  I was honored when he called and asked me, “Grandma, I need you to show me how to bone a deer.”  Yes, another one of my talents – I have butchered the game in our family for a lot of years!    There is so much more from 2013 that gives me joy.  Top of my list is that my family is healthy.  The second is my dear friend who underwent stem cell transplant for leukemia is doing well and considered ‘cancer free’.  He still has challenges and works daily to regain his strength but I am so thankful to God that he is still with us.  So, Yes, I’m very blessed in my life and pray I will continue to be as blessed in the New Year.

Blessings to you all,

Katie   who is saying about 2014 “bring it on!”

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas cards


These are from last year.  I love making fabric post cards and several years ago I stretched the size to make fabric Christmas cards for my g-kids and special friends.   Last year I might have sent out a few of the paper cards.  This year I haven’t sent one and I have not done my fabric cards either… Seriously, it’s the 21st, will I get some done?  probably not and you know what? I don’t even care.  I used to send out about 40 cards.  Then I got to thinking about why.  Because my mom always did and I thought that was the right thing to do??? Well, I made the decision to cut my card  sending to only those who I kept in contact with throughout the year.  My closest friends and family.  Why would I send a card to a high school friend who I haven’t seen in 40 years and will never see again?  Someone who I really have nothing in common with other than ‘I knew you when’ ?  Now I also have to say here, when I was sending cards, I put a personal note in each & every card specific to the person receiving those cards.  I don’t mean to criticize anyone but I, personally, really dislike getting a beautiful card that someone has had embossed with their name or a simple signature saying “the XXXXX’s”.  Come on, let’s be honest here, those cards are shoved in the envelope (assembly line style), they have the return address labels ready to stick on, then all they do is address the card to send.  How much thought really went into the card other than flipping through the address book???  Okay, so now you’re all thinking “what a Scrooge!”  and maybe you’re right… but I have to say that I’m getting so very tired of the commercialism of Christmas and cards are right up there with it.  People are running around, stressing to find the perfect gift for this one or that one, worrying about getting the baking done, get the house decorated, and ‘oh no, forgot to send a card to…’ and ‘oh, dear, what if someone gives a gift and I don’t have one to give back?’ I know people who keep wrapped gifts of a generic variety to have on hand ‘just in case’……  Okay, so what prompted this (what some will say “negative”) post, I received a card from a close family member and it was simply signed “the XXXXX’s” and I have to admit that it just struck a real bad note with me and I had been feeling a little guilty about not sending cards (and quite frankly, it’s because I did not have the time to sit and make them out).  I no longer feel guilty because if you can’t even add the Dear so & so, to the top of the card, to make it even appear that you were really thinking of me – don’t bother sending the card….

My blog, my opinions and truly not meant to be critical.  I do understand that I’m sure the family member feels better because they got their cards sent… enough said….

Katie who truly isn’t a Scrooge, just hates commercialism and what it’s done to Christmas…..

Thursday, December 19, 2013


Six days away.  Yes, that would be Christmas and am I ready?  Of course not!  But maybe.  On my to do list is to sew up one more pair of pajama pants and then I have 3 T-shirts to embroider.  The only problem with that is that I ordered the T’s on line and still waiting on two of them…. Still have shopping to do – nope haven’t done that yet.  Cards?  Haven’t sent out one!  That falls under the shopping list – need cards!  I was busy helping with an event that I believe I told you about – The pictures with Santa thing.  It went well and I’m very glad that it’s over.  It seems I’ve had something I had to do concerning it every day for the past week….

Cherise's quiltMy daughter asked for a larger quilt and I told her she’d get one for Christmas – done!  This one is a large queen.  By large I mean, it doesn’t just fit over the top, it has some drop on the sides.

Kaitlin's quiltMy oldest granddaughter’s quilt.  I had put this top together a while back.  It’s mostly 6” blocks that I made when I was learning to quilt.  There was a lady on the About.com forum that was helping ‘newbies’ with color value and accurate seams and the like.  Anyway, I decided my granddaughter needed a quilt.  She’s 21 and her last quilt she received when she was about 10 and it was a flannel rag quilt.

bear for LaurenBack in Sept. I sent a baby quilt to a young friend (she’s more of a daughter….) who was having her third child.  The quilt was backed with Minky like fabric and her daughter loved it.  So I took the left over Minky like fabric and made her a Teddy bear with it.  Because of the stretchiness of the fabric, I lined it with muslin so the bear would hold /keep it’s shape.

IMG_0001dollSeveral years back a dear friend game me this painted doll face on fabric and enough of the fabric to make a doll.  So this is my new sewing room assistant who at this point remains nameless…..  She hasn’t really been much help in the sewing room – so I may just call her Lazy instead of Lacy….   I have to tell a little story here (I know, surprise, right?!)  I pulled this pattern, cut it out and then discovered I did not have the directions for sewing it up.  I DO, on occasion, actually follow the directions.  But she came together and is so stiff armed, I went back to look on the pattern piece to see if maybe she should have had some ‘soft sculpture’ but didn’t see any markings.  I may yet just to it anyway…

I will be busy the next few days with finishing what little sewing I have to do, getting the house cleaned and getting what very little baking I’ll do, done!

I hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season and I take this time now to wish you a very Merry Christmas or whatever other December holiday you may celebrate.


Friday, December 6, 2013

How did it creep up so quickly?????

I know, I say it every year but it still surprises me.  I know it’s coming, I think I’m prepared, I even make a list (and I’m really not a list maker!) then it hits me – Christmas is only a couple weeks away!  I haven’t even thought about shopping – I hate crowds and rude people and we all know how the retail stores are this time year…. I’ve done some sewing.  Have some things cut out waiting.  I have done some knitting.  And I keep changing my mind as to what I want to get this one or that one. 

Hubby asks, “Where are you putting the tree this year?”  (we use a 30” fiber optic thing from Lowes… and I don’t really consider it a big deal)  My answer, “I’m not putting up the tree.”  Hubby:  “But why not?”  Me:  “Because the kids won’t be here during the holidays so no sense in putting it up for just us.  Besides, we rarely even turn the lights on it.”  Whew, got by that one…. He put up the outside lights, I put up my Nativity (the most important decoration!) and hung my g-kids stockings (even though they won’t be here, the stockings make me smile thinking of my g-kids). 

So now I wonder (or contemplate)…. Is Christmas supposed to be stressful?  What’s this about Holiday Cheer, good tidings and all that????  I think the commercialism of Christmas has gotten the better of everyone… Go buy the biggest, brightest, newest electrical / tech gadget…. Don’t forget the latest and greatest video game console and the games to go with it…. And, holy cow, don’t even think about the price of toys!! I picked up a ‘wish list’ booklet from Walmart.  I was hoping it would give me some ideas.  Thanksgiving I gave it to the kids and told them to pick out a few things so I’d have ideas.  If I had looked at that thing before giving it to them, I’d have burned it!  Anyway, enough of my whining… I will be ready when the ‘day’ gets here as I usually am.  I will say “Happy Birthday, Jesus” and remind my g-kids to do the same.  I will once again hope that my handcrafted items are well received and the few things I buy will be gifted with a return gift receipt Smile

So for now, be happy, be healthy, be content with your decisions and to heck with the stress – give it off to someone else who deserves it (such as that rude customer ahead of you in the checkout line who’s giving the clerk a bad time about not getting the price from the flyer that expired a week ago… (Hello, Lady, Black Friday was a week ago and with limited hours to boot!)


Sunday, December 1, 2013

If you have a little girl

If you have a little girl in your life who loves the American Girl dolls (or other 18" girl doll), you really need to check this out.  She is having a give-away for one of the American Girl dolls - but more importantly, check out the store here .  Such cute little outfits.

Anyway, just thought I'd share...


Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing all a very Happy Thanksgiving.  If you’re traveling, I hope you stay safe.  Today is a day of thanks and counting our blessings.  God has blessed me in so many ways.  I believe we all think of our families and friends when we think of the things we’re thankful for and I do as well.  This morning as I reflect on what I’m thankful for, strange as it may be, I’m thankful that I am an optimistic person.   This could be a subject for a very long post so I’ll just stop there and say ‘ thank you for taking the time to read my blog, sporadic as it is.  I appreciate that you may some times find it interesting and I’m sure there are times you wonder why I bother…. ‘


Saturday, November 23, 2013


Yesterday was a dreary, wet day here in usual sunny, bright Arizona.  We need the moisture and I’m so very thankful for it.  Knowing what kind of day it was going to be, I made plans to bind 3 quilts, do some embroidery while I was working on the binding, and hope to have time to start some Christmas gift sewing.  We were also having friends over in the early evening for some clam chowder and a game of dominos.  All was right in my world.  So, I started to set up in the sewing room.  Hubby comes in, “hey, there’s someone here who wants to ask you a question”.  Okay, sewing room on hold.  It’s a friend of ours who hasn’t been able to get into the barber, would I give him a haircut.  Okay, that won’t take long – 3 hours later…… We like to chat, too.  Well, I should be able to get at least one quilt bound and start an embroidery design.  Hubby comes in, “I feel like Mexican for lunch.  Want to go to La Casita? (our favorite local Mexican eatery)”.  Sure, gotta have lunch anyway.  While having lunch my former employer stops and asks if I want anything out of the old office (business closed years ago or I’d still be working for him!)   So, I make arrangements to meet with him in a couple of hours to see what, or if, there is anything I want.  While I have a little time, and that isn’t enough to work on a binding or set up the embroidery machine, I decide to work on some flyers that I’m creating for a function I’ve been asked to help with.  Managed to get 4 flyers assembled and off I go to meet with my former boss.  Picked out a few things that I’ll pick up later but of course there’s conversation to be had…. Have to deliver the flyers I made up as the lady wants to post them at another function that will happen on Sunday.  I was smart enough to drop and run there!  So okay, what did I actually accomplish.  I made a nice pot of clam chowder.  Spent a wonderful evening with my dear friends. ( Both who are cancer survivors over the past 2 years.)  I believe my day was PERFECT!!  Nope, I didn’t get accomplished what I thought I would, but as Scarlet would say, “ tomorrow is another day”.  And today is wetter than yesterday and if there are no detours, I may get a couple quilts completed and some embroidery done!  Yep, it’s the little things that matter most.

Katie who’s thankful for the little detours life throws her way

Friday, November 15, 2013

Just when you think......

Just when you think.. how would you finish that?  For me it's...Just when you think... you have everything under control, you add more to the stack!  I made up Christmas stockings for the local Elk's Lodge Children's Christmas Party:
These are super quick and easy to do.  I did a tutorial and posted the link on the Quilters for Comfort blog.  (I have yet to figure out how to post a tutorial to this blog....)  Some of the ladies from QFC have sent stockings and more are sending but the ladies at the Elks Lodge did not know this.  They received a donation of Christmas fabric to make stockings and started cutting it.  I received a call asking if I'd help sew them up.  Long story short, I, of course, said yes and explained though that they would be receiving at least another 30+.  Well, the fabric is cut, the stockings will be sewn and there will be plenty extra to be stored for next year's party.
Oh, it doesn't stop there.  Once the lady who called me discovered I quilted and that QFC takes the summer to dedicate Patriotic themed quilts for our veterans and troops, she asked if we would make some for the VA Christmas party.  I had to explain to her that I needed to know the need in advance but that I could get her a couple.  Fortunately, I have a couple tops that just need to be quilted.
Oh, no, still not done:  Remember these?
These are "Dump Bags" that I made last year for the VA Christmas party.  I didn't hear back about them, but seems like they were well received and have been requested for this year!  So, not only am I sewing stockings, quilting a couple quilts, I will be making Dump Bags....And working on my own Christmas projects in my spare time.  Thank goodness I work well under pressure!  Actually, I work better when I know I have a dead line!

Off to get something done :-)


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Where did the year go?

Seriously, two months short of the new year?!  I can not believe this year is almost gone and that Christmas is literally around the corner.

My sweet furbaby was showing signs of incontinence – just some small leakage – but enough for me to take her to the vet.  The diagnosis?  Bladder stones.  Into surgery she went and she fortunately is doing really well.  Mom was a mess that first night.  Poor babies.  They trust you to take care of them, then you take them to a place that smells funny, leave them and those people hurt them.  They don’t understand why it took you so long to come rescue them.  They don’t understand why they have that funny feeling in their head and are very unstable when they stand up.  Okay, so that’s part of what I’ve been doing.

Because Christmas is right around the corner and because I didn’t want to venture too far from my furbaby, I set up my cutting table in the living room and spent a day cutting out PJ’s and a couple toys to be sewn up. Now that she’s doing better, I’m doing some Christmas sewing.  I have a couple weeks to finish up my Christmas quilt:

IMG_0023I could probably get away with just one more block but I really want this to be 4 X 5 so that’s 12 more blocks I’d need to make…. I may have to rethink this but the blocks do make up quickly so maybe (hopefully) if I just sit down and work on it, I’ll get it done…

Here I sit, writing this blog and thinking I really need to spend more time with my blog but also thinking that if I get off my duff and get busy in the sewing room, I might actually get another project done! So on that note, I hope all are enjoying the fall weather and looking forward to the holidays…


Sunday, October 20, 2013

Friday, October 18, 2013

Going back in time…

As I was spending some time viewing some pictures, I came across some older pictures that I thought I’d share.  Sometimes, I surprise myself.  This was a QFC quilt that I quilted.  I believe the maker was Mickie M.  I remember wanting to do a bit extra around the embroidery and decided to ‘echo’







I was really happy with the feathered wreaths I had done on this one – I don’t do those enough and really need to work on them so I feel more comfortable when I do:


This was quilt made for a QFC member who was undergoing treatment for brain cancer.  Members sent in angel blocks that I then assembled into a quilt.  The angels on the back were larger then average and part of an entire set.  They worked out well on the back. 


I was not sure how I was going to quilt this one,  so I just jumped in and started and once I did, it just worked.  Sometimes I believe I ‘over think’ what needs to happen with the quilts:


So there are some pictures from “back in time”.

I have finished the large Dresden Plate top and it will be going on the frame (hopefully) next week. I am working on my g-sons’ Halloween costumes.  One almost completed and hope to get the other one finished in the next couple of days.  Then it’s on to Christmas sewing.  I want to finish my Christmas quilt that I started last year and make a couple stuffed dolls.  OH – I have to add this in.  I was looking at patterns on line, McCalls, Simplicity – the common pattern companies – and I was very surprised how few stuffed doll / toy patterns were available.  There are TONS of clothes patterns  for the 18” dolls – and yes I know how popular they are, I bought a couple as Christmas gifts last year – but what about the younger kids???  Thanks goodness I have saved my stuffed doll patterns.  One pattern I’m missing, though, is my Care Bears pattern.. it will show up eventually, I just need to look in the right place Smile

Until next time,


Friday, October 11, 2013

just checking in

Hello, thought I’d check in with everyone and see how things are going.  Totally enjoyed my visit with my sister and her guy.  He had never been out west before let alone to my rural community.  We spent many hours driving and he was astounded at how “far” everything was from where I live.  I just laughed and told him I was quite used to it.  He is from New Orleans and they live in a small city outside Tampa so he’s used to everything being ‘round the corner….

We went to the Southern Arizona wine country near Sonoita where we visited a few of the wineries and enjoyed some taste of the area Smile

We had a large family Mexican dinner where my son and family came and spent the day – such fun!

Their last day here we spent at the Sonoran Desert Museum west of Tucson.  This a good place to see the natural vegetation of the area as well as live species of animals (and other creepy, crawly critters) that live in our surrounding desert.  All in all, a very nice couple days and I miss my sister still.

I have spent a little time sewing up some preemie blankets and Christmas stockings. Other than that not much else.

So that’s my update for now…. Hope all is well with you and yours.


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Done and Gone!

I quilted it.  I delivered it.  I’m done and it’s gone and  this one I won’t miss!

IMG_0012I did simple free motion meander quilting on it just to get it done.  I think the quilting ‘softened’ the appearance a bit, but this just is something I won’t do again – work with all solid fabrics. 

My sister and her significant other will be here Friday evening and I’m really looking forward to spending some time with them.  Unfortunately, it’s only 3 days and I haven’t seen them in 3 years.  I normally do ‘fall cleaning’ just before Thanksgiving but decided to get it done earlier with having the company. My hubby has a mineral (rock) collection in a glass display case and I know it’s probably been a couple years since he cleaned it.  I finally couldn’t stand it anymore and spent time taking all specimens out and dusting with a brush and of course cleaning all the glass.  Last night I woke up with a stuffy nose and this morning is a cough.  Please let it be just a reaction to the dust and not a cold!  I do not want to be sick while my sister is here – more importantly I don’t want her to go home sick….

Anyway, I’m spending this week getting ready for company and yet I have several fall projects running through my head that I’d like to be working on.  Why is it when I have the time to work on something, I don’t have the ambition.  When I don’t have the time, I do have the ambition.  Must be  psychological Smile

Hope everyone is enjoying the beginning as fall as I am.


Thursday, September 26, 2013

Not feeling it…

Okay, so I told you about the Dolphin quilt.  Let me say here that I normally really like the quilts I make.  I have a hard time parting with many of them… This one, well…. I’m just not feeling the love:


Here is the body of the quilt without it’s borders.  First, I’m disappointed that the colors are not exactly (or probably even close) to the Dolphins colors.  I think they should have been lighter…. I think the designs are cute, though:

IMG_0009a  Designs are from Ace Points. Secondly, I think my use of solid, instead of print fabrics, was a mistake.  I doubt I will ever again make a quilt using only solid fabrics.

I had already made up my mind to add black & grey borders.  I decided on grey as the outer border – not sure I’m liking that either:

IMG_0010aThis quilt is on the frame and I will quilt it today.  I would really like to do something special on this quilt, but because I really don’t like it, it probably is not going to happen.  I’m at the point where I just want it done and gone!  Hopefully, once quilted, it will a little more likeable!

Now this quilt I’m lovin’

IMG_0005The Dresden Plates measure 20” each and I’m using 4” scrap squares to build out from the center.  This one I can hardly wait to finish! 

Next week will be another busy week for me – no sewing (bummer).. My sister and her significant other will be here Fri. evening and leave the following Tues.  He has never been to my home so, of course, I want to make a good impression, and that means all those lick and promises have to become follow-throughs.  Plus, my sister has requested a family Mexican dinner and that means a day making tamales.  On top of that I get the privilege of turning 60…. I can remember thinking 60 was ancient.    I think I’ve changed my mind.  Though there are  times I do feel ancient…..

Have a great day, I’m off to the quilting room….


Friday, September 20, 2013

A Quick Summer

Did your summer go by as quickly as mine did?  Sunday is the first day of Autumn and here in southeast AZ we’ll never notice the change of season.  We’re just about out of our rainy season, and here where I live we didn’t get near the rain we normally get (sad).  Phoenix is still in the 100+ temp range (so glad I don’t live there!)  Once we start showing signs of summer leaving it’ll be wonderful.  There will be a slight crispness in the air with gentle breezes and I will enjoy it very much!  Okay enough about the weather…. So, did you have productivity over the summer?  I did as far as QFC goes.  Going to Sew Fest and then finishing 9 quilts after I got home.  Here’s a sampling:

I was in such a hurry to get the box sent off that I didn’t get pictures of the last quilts I completed.  See, I told you I’ve gotten really bad a taking pictures!  My G-sons’ football league is having a ‘parents night’ and they requests items for raffle and my DIL asked if I’d do a quilt.  Their league is the Oro Valley Dolphins and have the same colors as the pro team.  I’m embroidering a set of Dolphins and thought I’d got the right colors (orange and teal) fabric…. well the teal I think will end up being too ‘blue’ to be correct, but I’ve already got most of the blocks assembled so it’ll have to do.  Okay, Okay,  I can hear you now, Kitty yes I will work really hard to remember to take pictures!!!! 

If you follow me, you know I’m a horrible blogger and I’ve noticed I only have one post this month.  I won’t make excuses but I do have reasons.   I told you in my last post about my friend in the hospital – well he’s still there.  Actually in a rehab facility.  The doctors have finally given him a diagnosis of arthritis and he’s received injections in his knees and is walking with a walker.  He is hoping to come home soon.  I was in Prescott Valley for a few days while my sister-in-law underwent her procedure.  I was in Tucson yesterday and back down there today.  I had a small cyst on my jaw that got infected and today I am having it surgically removed.  That small, less-than-a-pencil-eraser sized cyst went to the size of a nickel and was sore.  From my general practitioner, to a dermatologist, to a plastic surgeon – has only taken 2 months to get to the point of removal….

Okay I’m off to get some things done before I have to head into Tucson and again tomorrow as my G-sons’ have ball games each Sat.  Maybe I’ll rest on Sunday Smile

Happy beginning of Autumn,


Friday, September 6, 2013

Just chit chat

What a week this has been.  I did manage to quilt and bind 2 Sew Fest quilts (still need to take pictures).  I started adding those 4” squares to the Dresden plates and I really like how that is all coming together.  I still don’t feel like I’ve accomplished much this week.  We have a good friend who is in the hospital with severe pain in both his knees and ankles and, so far, the doctors can not find out what is wrong.  He had his lady friend fly in to help him with some of his financial stuff and we gladly went to get her from the airport.  The next day it was back to Tucson for doctor’s appointments for both the hubby and myself.  Back into Tucson tomorrow for my g-sons’ football games.  This year they are on different teams, playing at different times at different fields.  This all adds up to the entire day in Tucson, but I wouldn’t miss it for the world Smile 

This morning as I was surfing the different blogs, it dawned on me how close Christmas really is and that I really don’t have a clue what to do for my family.  The kids are getting older now and really know what they want.  I’d prefer to just give them a gift card but I’ve always felt that was so impersonal (it’s a “just me” thing).  With not knowing what the current trend is in toys in the specific age groups, it just seems to be mind boggling to me.  I’ve already discussed with my DIL that I think it’s time to concentrate gift buying for just the kids as the adults buy what they want, when then want anyway.  She seemed to be in agreement…..

My SIL has to have her ureter stent replaced every 4 months so that means a trip to Prescott Valley north of Phoenix for a few days.  When we get back from that, I need to do some home maintenance such as touch up paint around door jams and such.  My sister and her significant other is coming the beginning of October.  She’s talked about taking a trip to the Grand Canyon as he has never been out west.  That will be at least a one night and more likely a two night stay.  I still have not been able to get from her exactly when they’re coming, how long they’re staying (and they will be staying at a hotel and not at my home – he likes his own space…..) or what they’d really like to do / see while they’re here.  I’m sure it will all be very last minute but I haven’t seen my sister in 3 years and I’m looking forward to the visit and her significant other is a great guy so I’m sure we’ll enjoy the time however, wherever we go…

My day today will be spent putting my home in order as having been out for the past couple of days, things have been put down but not put away.  I need to do laundry, mop and vacuum, dust – oh yeah all the usual fun stuff…..  I hope to get some pictures for a future post.  Before the time of digital photography, I carried my 35mm with me everywhere so as to not miss a photo op.  You think I’d be better at taking pictures for posting on my blog????  Maybe I don’t put as much importance in my crafting/ hobby as I should????  Ah well, stay tuned and maybe I’ll have some pictures next time Smile

Have a great weekend,


Saturday, August 31, 2013

What was I thinking????!!!

IMG_0024the dreaded scraps are to blame for this mess!  I made the decision to pull my scrap bin(s)  because I needed to cut some 4½” squares of scraps.  I’d made the decision to border my big dresden plates with scraps of squares.  The Dresden plates will be in the center and I will built out to size from there using the squares – as well as using the squares as a ‘sashing’.  IMG_0027 Here’s a start of my squares!  But of course, as I go along, I find more:

IMG_0025 These little pieces were left over from this quilt:

IMG_1503  (oops, I moved a lot of pictures off this computer onto a thumb drive so don’t have the picture of the finished quilt – but I’ve posted it before….)

Anyway, I turned those little pieces into this little mat that I’m not sure what I’ll do with :

IMG_0029  Then as I went along, coming across other little bits of this and that and leftovers:

IMG_0026IMG_0028  I added to or assembled.  The green/blue was 4 - hour glass squares and will end up as a hot mat.  The brown and white squares had the triangles added to them and trimmed down and will become mats of some sort.  The black and yellow were 4 pieces that I put together and those will become coasters.  I had several orphan blocks that I will make into mats to be used somehow.  I plan on putting a backing on the frame, laying scrap pieces of batting and just lay out these smaller items and I’ll just do a mass quilting of it all at one time.  I have some Insulbright batting that I will add as an extra layer under the items that I figure might be used in the kitchen. 

I’ve also started up on some knitting.  I want to learn lace style knitting and it’s not difficult, but I found one really needs to pay attention.  Here’s a picture of fingerless mitts and a headband/ears warmer  I made.  The headband still needs it’s buttons attached:

IMG_0034 I’ve also got a Sew Fest quilt on the frame to get to and I think I can fit one more in the box to send off so will get to that before I start a quilting marathon (I have quite a stack to be quilted!)

And is the sewing room put back in order?  Well  - sort of.  I did manage to go through all my scraps and I have 4 gallon baggies full of strips that measure 1½ – 2” that I will use in my strip blocks.  Once I have all the strip blocks I want done – I will dispose of what’s left.  I have a box of odd scraps that are short but at least 2” that I will use for my pineapple blocks. And again, when I’ve assembled all the blocks I want for that, those scraps will be gone.  I also got  a shoe box full of 2½” strips that I have no idea what I’ll do with, but if nothing else they can be put into a scrappy binding – like I need that when you look at this:

IMG_0031 My bin full of left over bindings…..

And I did manage to clear off the cutting table somewhat.  I disposed of the old computer that was taking up floor space and connected the new printer that was also taking up floor space.  I was on a roll when hubby asked for some help and I have yet to get back to finishing up the ‘clean up’ (maybe today….)

So that’s what I’ve been doing – getting a little done here and there …


Friday, August 23, 2013

Still around

I’m still around but haven’t spent much time in the sewing room for the past week (and I was on such a good roll).  My grandsons are back to playing football and I spend last Saturday in the full Tucson sun for 4 hours.  I almost threw in the towel but figured if those boys could play in full gear, the least I could do was hang in there and support their efforts.  I don’t know who organized this league but my honest opinion is they should be prosecuted for child abuse!  I simply can not believe any sane person believes it’s okay to put children through that much heat…. Okay, enough of that rant (for now)

Sunday was picking apples and peaches with my son’s family.  I did not get very much as I really did not want to spend that much time processing it.  I think about the expense of driving 3 hours to get to the orchards, then what it cost to do the work of picking your own, don’t forget you have to have a meal while you’re out…..  That was the most expensive 20 lbs of fruit I’ve ever bought!

Kari leaves today for college and I will miss her so much.  The past couple weeks have been really emotional for her.  I think the realization of all the new changes coming her way have finally hit.  I’m hoping I can keep it together today when she leaves……  Anyway, I’ve spent quite a bit of time with her and that is another reason why the sewing room is quite neglected.

Okay, that’s it for now.  I apologize for no pictures but no sense in posting what you’ve already seen…


Saturday, August 10, 2013

Sat. 8/10/13

Sorry, no catchy title for my blog post today.  Maybe I could have said “miscellaneous” because that’s what this post will be.

IMG_0016I drafted this block in EQ because a lady from QFC had sent some blocks like this and I really liked them:

IMG_0035Linda S. made these blocks – see the upper left corner star.  I thought it was stunning but I didn’t know the name of the block or where it came from so I just drafted my own pattern.  I don’t plan on selling it or passing it along to anyone so I don’t think I did anything in regards to copyright…. at least I hope not!

Ellis baby #3IMG_0018I made this quilt top some time back and I have a dear young friend who is expecting baby #3 in Sept. so I decided to finish it up to send to her.  I put a cream Minky on the back and bound it with a cream satin.  I used a layer of white flannel in the center for the batting then just did stitch in the ditch around all the blocks for quilting.  Last time I talked to her she still wasn’t sure the gender of the baby but suspected a baby girl.  I know this doesn’t exactly look girly, but I don’t think every little girl in the world has to be pink!  I am also knitting baby caps and booties to send along with the quilt….

I finished quilting my designated Sew Fest quilts and will send them off next week.  I have 5 kits left and if no one comes forward to request them, I’ll get them quilted and sent off as well.  A couple of the QFC ladies did say they would take a couple, but these same ladies already had a few to finish.  I told them to finish what they had and if they wanted more after that, I’d send them.  I don’t want anyone to get ‘burn out’….

Because I’m not the most organized person in the world (really, I’m not!), I decided I really, really needed to get my WIPs/UFOs done.  I pulled them out and put them with their designated fabrics.  Got them kitted and stacked on the cutting table.  I thought about working on them until they were completed – well, at least to the ‘needs quilting’ stage, but if I just designate one day a week, I should have them all completed within a month’s time.   I have my large Dresden plates that I’ve decided I will simply sash and border in scrappy patchwork squares.  My  Feathered Star is a little undecided yet.  I’m thinking about framing the star in a deep (not bright) orange, then doing a variety of different piecework borders to obtain size, sort of like a round robin quilt would be, leaving the star as the center medallion.  I also have some paper piecing projects that I need to get completed.  I really do love paper piecing but I hate removing the paper, but ……  I bought Kari a Viking (6690 I think) at a thrift store that sews about 100 stitches per inch – okay maybe not quite that many but it’s a lot and there’s no adjusting it (might be why it was at the thrift store!).  Needless to say, I’ve kept the machine and discovered it’s perfect for paper piecing.  That paper just falls off Smile

So that’s what I’ve been doing and what I’m planning to do.  Once I get all these projects done, I’m planning on a total reorganization of the sewing room.  Planning and executing are not necessarily the same thing!!!!


Monday, August 5, 2013

Something else

I’m finished up a couple more Sew Fest quilts:

IMG_0001IMG_0109The quilt tops are so nice and I always worry that I’ve done them justice.  I’m happy with the way these are turning out.

I also dapple in paper crafts.  A little scrapbooking and card making.  I made a journal using an old book’s cover – No pictures of that but it got me doing this:   IMG_0003  A journal.  I made this one for Kari as she heads out to college in just a couple weeks.  She will be majoring in journalism and a simple store bought journal simply wasn’t something I could see Kari excited about.  So this was customized for Kari:

There are tags for her to write on.  Little flaps for her to slide other items into.  I made little envelopes for her to stick tags she’s written on into or to keep other keepsakes in.  After I gave it to her, she looked at me and said “Oh, Grandma, you know me so well!”  She is such a special person and I am sure going to miss her when she heads out to college.  Thankfully, she’s staying here in AZ so I can take a road trip…….