Friday, August 31, 2018

almost a year

It's been almost a year since I blogged.  And probably almost that long since I read blogs.  It's not that I don't care, I just have felt like blogging was a waste of my time.  I don't post a lot of pictures.  I don't want any advertisements cluttering up my blog as I never meant for it to be a business.  If I had something to offer, great, I hope you appreciated it.  If not, well, my blog initially was for me anyway.
So what's happened in a year.... Spent Christmas in Florida with my sister and her husband.  Had a total knee replacement in January.  I was prepared for pain which, fortunately was minimal.  I was not prepared for loss of energy.  Took almost 4 months to get it back.  Yes, I have made quilts.  I do stay busy on that front.  This spring I discovered I enjoyed making Fairy Gardens and broken pot gardens - I should have stayed off Pinterest - way too many ideas.  I am gearing up for Christmas already and also have a couple big projects I will be working on.  Life is good and I am blessed.

Will I be back often, probably not...  But just thought I would pop in here and let those few who care know I have not fallen off the face of the earth.


Monday, September 11, 2017

just some chatter

June 4th was my last post - looking like I'm only doing this every 3 months or so..  I seem to be doing more quilting for QFC than actually working on my own projects.....  I came home from Sew Fest this year thinking I only had two that I had assembled to quilt and finish and then someone who volunteered fell through and I ended up with 5 more.  On top of that, I already had 8 to quilt for the Senior's Center quilt ladies.  Now I still have 5 more of my own that are 'in waiting' and have been for quite some time.  Do you do that?  Find yourself working more on things for others than you do yourself?

these are the quilts I got done at Sew Fest.  I really like the 4-patch lattice (bottom) and have some fabric that I will probably make one for myself with.  Just a lot of bias edges, so need to remember to starch a bit heavier.
The hurricanes hitting our country - my heart goes out to those people who are struggling with clean up and repair / rebuild.  Irma became personal as my sister lives just outside Tampa on the coast side.  To say I was thankful that it hit as a Cat 2 versus the 4 they thought it might be is putting it lightly.  She is without electric, but their home is intact and undamaged.  Still don't know how the boat faired, but I was more concerned over their safety and them having a home they could return to.   After Hurrican Harvey, there was a big cry for quilts on the groups I belong to through FaceBook and as quilters, I know we all wanted to help and do what we do - make quilts!  I am hoping people remember that the most immediate need to disaster victims is always food, water & shelter - a quilt can not provide that but a monetary donation to a reputable charity can.  So please consider a monetary donation - maybe in the amount of what it would cost for postage to ship a quilt...
Until next time ...


Sunday, June 4, 2017

February, huh?

Yep, been since February since I posted.  I did not fall off the face of the earth (obviously) and I guess I've been busy, but sometimes I wonder with what.
I have not done a lot of quilting or piecing.  I guess it's more a little here and a little there.  Quilters for Comfort has slowed down a great deal.  Surprisingly, we don't have members coming forward with organizations to donate quilts to.  Our annual Sew Fest will be held in Oklahoma this year and we have two different veteran organizations that will be the recipients of those quilts.
Okay, I do have a few pictures:  This one is a row done in Patriotic colors and will be paired with other rows that others have done to make 'row quilts' at Sew Fest:
I met up with a cousin the first part of May that I had not seen in over 40 years.  I had wanted to make a quilt for him and his wife, but really wasn't sure what their style or what colors they would like, but I had made up some blocks and didn't like them.  Still have the blocks and still not sure what to do with them:
Then we did a Fat Quarter block exchange at QFC.  Those who participated sent every one in their group a FQ, then as many 12" blocks as possible were made from the FQ and returned to the sender.  Here is the quilt I assembled from the blocks I received.  I sent out the floral fabric.  I had one block left over and I will make a pillow from it:
This quilt was made for one of the QFC members who underwent extensive shoulder surgery and is now doing physical therapy.  Whenever we know one of our members are facing a challenge, we try to make sure they get a quilt.  The designs are fairies and I believe they are from Ace Points..

oops, sorry - I didn't realize this bottom one was sideways ...
Then  I did take a break from fabric anything and did these arrangements in tea cups.  I had seen the 'floating tea cup' arrangements on Pinterest and knew I had to try them.  It really wasn't that easy to find nice pretty tea cups with matching saucers that weren't part of a set!  But I found these and they are so pretty.  I really enjoyed making them and would like to make more, but not sure who I would gift them to..

So anyway, there's a little of what I've doing.
My daughter-in-law graduated  with honors from the University of Arizona this May so my babysitting (for now) has slowed down drastically.  She's planning on taking a year off from school and then heading back to get her Masters and ultimately her doctorate.  I admire her determination to go after what she wants.
I could start rambling and I won't put you through that.  Basically wanted those of you who care to know I am still around, still plugging away and maybe someday might actually get something of significance done :-)


Thursday, February 9, 2017

just not sure

Just not sure I will keep this blog account much longer.  I obviously have posted very little for, actually, a few years now.  I find that my passion for quilting is just not there anymore.  I've thought maybe it was because I've become too steeped in the charity participation.  My group also is not as active as it used to be and I think there are several reasons for that and the first being the fact that mailing costs are so high and most of our donations are being sent out (not overseas, but to other states.  This group has members all over the U.S. and donate accordingly).
If I have a specific project, I get in and get it done but for the most part I have to force myself into the sewing room.  Once I get in there, I find I sew maybe an hour and I'm wanting to be done.  
I decided I needed to finish up some projects.  Most were tops just needing to be quilted.  I am really having a time even getting that done!
Anyway, enough of my woes.  I sure wish I could find my passion for sewing and quilting again.  I loved it while I had it....


Monday, January 2, 2017


Yipeeee , 2017 is here.  I can only hope that it is an improvement over 2016 - 'nough said...
Christmas was chaotic as I knew it would be.  But unfortunately it did not chase my doldrums away.  Loved having my sister and her husband here.  It was a very pleasant visit.  We had a houseful for Christmas but I was so busy in the kitchen, I can't say I really got to enjoy visiting with the friends and family that were here.. I did tell my hubby that I couldn't see doing it again without help.  My sister was amazing but she's not here all the time...  So I am ready to turn Christmas over to the younger members of the family or maybe even run off somewhere for Christmas instead ... Yep, I know.. here it is, over, and I'm still being Bah Humbug...  
Arizona has had some cold, dreary, overcast days and I think it's getting to me - I really want my sun shine back!
Anyway, hope everyone had a nice Christmas and a nice start to the New Year.


Monday, December 19, 2016

life in a nut shell

if you're looking for pictures, you've come to the wrong place today...
It's been over 2 months since I posted anything....  Been busy with quite a few different things.
My favorite brother-in-law passed suddenly on October 28.  Sure took the wind out of our sails.  I went down to where he lived (3 hrs from us) to help his daughter go through the house trying to find any papers she needed as she's his only heir. ( His wife passed 6 years ago...) Anyway, had to come home as I was scheduled for a MRI that I felt I really needed to get done. Was heading out the door when my phone rang and it was my sister informing me that we had lost my brother on Nov. 1st.  Again, very sudden.  As hard as this hit me, I am so very thankful that these men I loved so much did not suffer from long, drawn out illnesses.
As for my MRI, I've been given a diagnosis of arthritis and stenosis in my back.  The doctor tried a couple injections in my back which helped for about 4 days - guess this is something I will simply have to learn to live with.
In between all this, I've been doing a little Christmas sewing.  Not near on the scale I usually do, but quite frankly, my heart simply isn't in it.  My sister and her new (1 year) husband are coming for Christmas and I am excited to see them.  If it wasn't for them, there wouldn't be one decoration up.  I will have a house full on Christmas and I'm ready for the chaos of it all.  I'm sure it will take me out of my doldrums ....
So with this all said, I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas (or whatever seasonal holiday you celebrate).  May God bless you with good health and happiness...


Thursday, October 13, 2016

today I noticed ....

I don't read blogs every day and anyone who follows me know I certainly don't write / post every day or even every week for that matter.  I post when I feel like there is something I want to share..
So this morning I decided to take the time to read some blogs and I noticed something.  Every blog I read (and I started from the top of the list and worked down through it) was from what I consider 'professionals'.  People who blog to help promote their own products or businesses.  And, hey, that's great!  I've learned quite a bit from these bloggers and kudos to them for doing what it takes to make their endeavors a success.  But at the same time I'm saddened to see that the average crafter / hobbyist / sewist doesn't feel they're important enough to post - which takes me back to myself...  I guess I don't post often because I don't feel people are really interested in the day to day endeavors of the 'regular' gal... Ah well, at least one thing I know - If you take a minute (or two) to read my posts, look at my pictures, etc... you won't have to wait for all the ads to load as I don't have any.  You won't spend any money from reading my posts because I'm not endorsing any manufacturer.  I'm just a regular gal doing what I love and I will occasionally share with you what it is....