Thursday, January 20, 2011

a new day

Do you think/contemplate when you sew?  I do.  Yesterday was a day for the ole brain to really be  'out there'.  I started with the bullying post and the brain went from there - good thing I'm not an activist, I'd have no time for anything else :-)  But on the plus side I did manage to get something accomplished.  I finished the second raffle quilt top and completely finished two more QFC quilts.  Now my stack of quilt tops to be quilted are at 6 - umm maybe 7??? So I will concentrate on the ones I have thread and backing for.  I miss not having my stitch regulator working.  I need to have DH help me take the Tin Lizzy off the carriage and look at the rear encoder as that's the one not working.  I'll see if it's an easy fix before I order new encoders.  I did manage to quilt a couple quilts without the regulator and I was happy with the results but for at least one of the quilts 'on hold' I want to do feathers and I don't think I'm good enough doing feathers to do them without the regulator.  Ah, such is life......
Up way too early this A.M. (4:30) and DH will sleep at least until 7:30am so I have lots of time on the computer - probably too much :-)  I 've been thinking (yep, do alot of that) about making my 'retirement' like a job.  You know, get up at a certain time, do the 'get ready' routine and plan my day and stick to it.  I've discovered that the more time I have, the more time I waste.  Sort of like money, the more you have, the more dumb ways you find to spend it.  No, I won't go there - I'd be writing a book and this post is already a rambling - must be the early start and the coffee :-)  So with that, I'm off to read more blogs and see what I can find that will just get me into more trouble :-)


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Sally said...

Yeah, lol, raises hand, guilty here too.

As for the more time you have the less you get done, that is oh so true. When I was working, I knew my time was limited and busted butt to get stuff done, always moving, always doing.

Now that I'm not working, nothing is getting done and my natural procrasting lazy butt is rearing her ugly head and screaming SEE ME! DO IT TOMORROW....

I'm so needing to slap that procrastionator.