Thursday, January 13, 2011


Got a quilt on the frame.  Worked out a design to quilt the quilt.  Started said design.  Machine is NOT cooperating.  It is acting almost like it's hanging up on something.  I've checked wires, I've check encoders, I don't know what else to check.  I unplugged everything as I've heard that helps reset the computer for the stitch regulator.  Tomorrow I will change the needle and start again.  For as much as these machines cost, and having had it for only a little over a year, I don't expect to have these types of issues.
I was telling my DH just the other day that if I'd seen one of the 'sit down' mid arm/long arm machines, I think I would have gone with one of those over what I've got.  I'd even thought about selling my current machine, but with all the 'advancements' with these machines, I'd not get even half of what I'd paid for it - so I'll hope that tomorrow is a better day!



Anonymous said...

you might look at the wheels, I've had threads get caught up and wind around them really tight and that caused a drag. It is a bummer when the LA isn't cooperating, that's for sure! [[hugs]]

Sally said...

having no clue what I'm talking about, you did say it felt like it was hanging up....the machine itself? Or something in the frame? Did the frame get bumped? I know that thing I had (little gracie) if it got so much as tapped, it was off kilter....

also, not sure how your's sets up with backing and batting, but is that caught somewhere, that might affect the machine?

see, not a clue...just going by what I can think of from the frame I had.