Sunday, January 16, 2011

special day

My 7 yr. old DGS calls me on Monday, "Grandma, will you come get me?"  Oh, Oh, what's up? Is he going to run away from home?  "Well, sure, Ethan.  I'll come get you.  What's going on?"  Then comes the explanation: "I want to make Tiffani (his baby sister) a blanket and I have my design all drawn out.  So will you pick me up Sunday and help me make my sister a blanket for her birthday?"  Whew.... he's not running away from home but wants to sew with Grandma. 
So today I go get him (they live about 20 miles) and sure enough he has his 'design'.  He hits the sewing room with the vigor of a quilter with a new quilt magazine!  He knows exactly what colors he wants and even faced with all the fabrics in my stash, he sticks to his idea.  We measure out and he makes his decisions.  He does 95% of the sewing.  He was excited about being able to use the iron (bet that changes when it comes to ironing his shirts) and I even had him put on a 'glutz' glove and helped him with using the rotary cutter.  Here is his finished 'blanket':
He designed the purple door to open and even knew which direction he wanted it to open.  It's not clear, but above the door is a gold crown and he used a red pen to write his sister's name on it.  Above the crown we embroidered "Princess Tiffani's Castle".   
I think he did a great job and I have at least one grandchild that enjoys sewing with Grandma!

Katie who had a great Sunday!!

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Sally said...

Great job! I'm sure his sister will love it! It's always nice to have someone to sew with. Now if only us adults could be so certain of what we were after when faced with fabric stashes and quilting....