Monday, January 24, 2011

Quilt show

Really enjoyed the Tucson Quilt Show.  They had quite a few art quilts, which I always find unique and shows alot of artistic talent:
This is the artist of this quilt.  A lot of dimension and the back ground is actually quilt blocks that she didn't use in other quilts.  Once she added all the thread painting and the twisted cord, etc... You almost don't notice the background.  The center is black velvet and she's 'padded' around it to actually raise the top off the center.  I found it really interesting.

I thought this was cute and loved what it said "A Smile is a Curve that can set things Straight"!!

Look at this quilting!!!  I hope I can quilt like that someday. 

But today, this was my artistic endeavor:

A little mug rug!  Didn't realize that I actually cut my embroidered square a bit too short.  Showed up after I added the binding - ah, well, I think everyone will still know what it says :-).
I also got my granddaughter's quilt on the frame - will get some work on it done tomorrow. 

'Til next time - stay warm, stay safe, be happy.


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