Quilters for Comfort

Something that is very near and dear to my heart is Quilters for Comfort.  Here's the story:

QFC = Quilters for Comfort

What is Quilters for Comfort? QFC is a group of women that live all over the United States that through the beauty of the internet have come together to create quilts that are donated to non nationally recognized charities. But let's start at the beginning......
QFC started by way of a challenge. The people initially involved were all part of an internet machine embroidery group/website. One of the members found out about a 'charity' in Boca Raton, FL that was requesting quilts for children. That member came up with the idea of making an alphabet quilt where different members were assigned a letter and was asked to embroider a block with that letter and an animal indicative to that letter. The blocks would then be sent to an assembler to construct the quilt and then passed on to another member for quilting / completion. Well, the challenge was that another member said it'd never fly – getting people from all over the United States to get enough consistency to make a quilt 0r to even get them to send the blocks in a timely manner. Not only did it happen, but that first quilt even had a block that came from the United Kingdom! This began the end of 2006 and the end of that year saw 6 quilts donated.
Since 2006 more than 1100 quilts have been donated to various charities. There have been neonatal units, camps for troubled teens, women's shelters, cancer chemo units.... well you get the picture. Also, let's not forget our troops and veterans. QFC has designated July as our month to honor our service men and women, both past and present. In 2008, plans were made to arrange a Sew Fest. The question was where? The decision was Kansas City, KS as those organizing felt that was most central of the United States. That first Sew Fest was a huge success and QFC Sew Fest has been held every July since. Over 700 Patriotic themed quilts have been donated to various veteran hospitals, VFW lodges as well as individual veterans,
As Quilters for Comfort grew, the decision was made to branch out to a Yahoo group. It was discovered that some members of the internet embroidery site had left that site but still wanted to be involved and see pictures of the quilts being made. Also, not everyone wanting to be involved with QFC had, or wanted to have, an embroidery machine. So now Quilters for Comfort 'operates' entirely from the Yahoo group or through email notification.
So...how does it all work???? QFC's major organizer is Cathy B. from PA. How she keeps it all straight is a mystery to me but I tease her constantly about her 'file'. I help wherever Cathy needs me to. I guess you could say I am 'second'. Anyway.... Every other month, Cathy sends out a questionnaire that states the 'cause' that will be the recipient of quilts. It will state the size of quilts needed and any theme (if there is one). The questionnaire will as what each person is willing to donate. It can be anything from embroidered squares, to 'filler' quilt blocks to making and entire quilt. Assemblers are always available to put quilt tops together for those who want to donate blocks. If the assemblers are not quilters, there are quilters available to finish up quilt tops.
And not everyone contributes everytime. We all have lives and all that is ever asked is that anyone wanting to remain on Cathy's email list, just answer the questionnaire with a check in the box on the bottom of the questionnaire that states 'not able to help this month'.
So... if you've read this far and have questions about Quilters for Comfort, please just drop me an email at 57katiem@gmail.com. Or you can visit the Yahoo group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/quiltersforcomfort/ 

and, of course a few pictures:
At Sew Fest, the quilts are hung as they are finished.  A lot of fun along with a work during this 5 day event.

As you can see, also there is a variety of sizes.