Saturday, May 26, 2012

Quilt shows….. curious????

When you attend a quilt show, what prompts you to a picture of a specific quilt?  Is it simply the beauty of the quilt?  A certain technique you think you might like to try?  Is it the fabrics used in the quilt?  How about the quilting?  Does that inspire you to take the picture?

I have a lot of quilt pictures from quilt shows:


I thought this was the cutes quilt.  I loved the colors and loved the way the quilt maker used a smaller version of the angels to make the border.  The quilting was very nice, also.  This quilt was from a show in Hutchinson, KS and I’m sorry I did not get a close up of the name of the person who made this quilt – she should be recognized for a beautiful quilt.


This is another quilt from the Hutchinson, KS quilt show (July 2011)  I liked this quilt because it was dimensional.  You can see how the butterflies ‘lift off’ the quilt.  See the ‘hand in the pocket’?  and the hat tie is also a bit lose.  The person who made this quilt obviously took a lot of pride in her work and it certainly shows up in this quilt.


This quilt is from the Tucson quilt show.  I know I was super impressed with the quilting on this one.  The confidence to quilt all that color on black fabric – I can only hope to have that sort of confidence not to mention ability at some point in my life.  But look at the curves in the bottom right hand corner of the picture on the right – do you see how the curves have curves?  So unique.  I really think this piecer/quilter did an amazing job.

So when I look at the pictures of these 3 quilts – what inspires me?  In the first one, I’d really like to make at least one of those angel blocks – I’d never seen anything like them and I think it’s just a unique pattern.  Do I want to make an entire quilt?  No, I really don’t.  Just one of those blocks and I’d be happy – and what am I going to do with just one block?  Well, own it, of course – and be able to say I made one Smile

In the second picture, I just liked it.  There is nothing in that quilt that I’d say inspired me to want to make one.  There is nothing makes me say “gee I want to try that”  Some things can simply be appreciated.

In the last quilt, I’d love to try the zig zag feather technique.  I think feathers are predominately used on more feminine quilts, but I think this style could easily be utilized in a masculine quilt

Sew…. what about you?  Why do you take pictures of specific quilts???         And upon looking at my pictures….. I realize I really need to take pictures of the information about the quilters so I can give credit where credit is due



Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A New Start

No, not a new life start – a new quilt…..


I have had the fabrics for this quilt for over a year, just waiting for the right inspiration to hit me.  I stumbled on this block in Joan Wolfren’s “Make any block any size” book.  It’s titled “Summer Winds”.

I normally only cut enough pieces to make one block… but this time, I decided to cut all the pieces for the entire quilt, then I made up one block to determine if I had to make adjustments in the way I was assembling this block.  I knew that if I cut all the pieces, it would encourage me to complete the quilt, rather than put it away for ‘later’………  I will make all the HST’s then get all the flying geese units made, then I will start assembling the different sections by way of chain stitching.  If all goes as planned…… I hope to have all the blocks assembled by this weekend.  Then I will decide if I want to put sashing between the blocks or assemble the blocks and let the secondary pattern emerge.

I still have one more quilt for QFC to get quilted and that will leave the two to finish, then I’ll have 8 to send on to our next comfort cause.  So guess I have enough to keep my busy for a few days…..


I tried a method of making a signature as explained by Karen over at Sew Many Ways – I don’t think I got my initial ‘section’ big enough, I see my “K” is a bit cut off Smile

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Dresden Plate

Scraps – I have ‘a few’…..Most of you know about my love/hate relationship with scraps, but this week I decided I would work with my scraps….

so I did:


Now I know I had a template somewhere – but where???? Well, instead of pulling stuff out and doing the ‘search’, I found some measurements on line and drew up my template.  I traced it out on plastic template material, cut that template out and drew around it, then used my ruler and rotary cutter (Yes, if I continue to make Dresden Plates,  I will buy the specialty ruler!

Now these aren’t small little plates, I had to appliques these on 22” squares of fabric….  I guess a few more and I’ll have a nice sized quilt.  Here’s a close up:


And no, I did not hand applique these… I used clear monofilament and a narrow zig zag stitch.  I pinned in place, then used a touch of washable glue stick.  I’m already thinking of how I’d like to quilt them… guess I better make a few more and get a quilt top done first…….

Today was a dear friend’s birthday.  We don’t exchange gifts, but this is a super special birthday for her – this past year she won her battle against colon cancer.  But what to make her???? Well, unfortunately, I did not get pictures and I’m sad that I didn’t because I thought her gift was really cute and she loved it.  But I took this fabric:

IMG_1494and I fussy cut this square:

IMG_1495I strip cut the green/purple stripe and used the square in a square technique to set it sideways.  I then made 2 flying geese units that weren’t… I took 2½ X 6½ strip and by using 2½” squares I did not get the points meeting in the center.  Those flying geese units were white with yellow tape measure print fabric for the triangles.  The unit measured 6½ X 10” and was to be a mug rug/snack mat (whatever you want to call them)  I cut the white strip from the print above for the backing, then I used multiple fabrics to bind it.  I called it “breaking the rules” as nothing was as it was supposed to be.  And yes, I did it on purpose… My friend and I had recently discussed how we often times ‘broke the rules’ in quilting (she’s an amazing quilter!) and this little mat was indicative of that conversation.  And of course, her mat was wrapped in a fat quarter, pinned with curved basting pins and tied with a piece of ribbon…..We enjoyed a nice lunch made by her DH and just a great afternoon.  I am so thankful that she has persevered against the cancer and gets stronger everyday.  She’s an amazing lady and I’m proud to call her my friend.  Happy Birthday, Willie…


Saturday, May 12, 2012

On being a Mom / Grandmom

My family has asked that I not post pictures of their children on my blog and I will respect their wishes – which really is good for you – I’m sure I could bore you to tears with my grandkids Smile 

On being a Mom……Well, I think most moms would agree that it’s the most challenging thing they’ve ever done.  Challenging in as, those kids did not come with instructions!  Challenging in as, “but mom I KNOW” – of course they do.  Kids get to an age where they KNOW everything (and then some).  Challenging in “am I doing this right?” (see it’s those no instructions again) and of course each child has their own personalities – what worked for one, you can bet isn’t going to work on another….. And then comes the biggest challenge of all – letting go.  Giving them their independence, letting them make their mistakes (like we did), letting them learn how to make the right decisions for themselves – oh come on, let’s be honest here – it’s really hard (sometimes) to watch our children make a decision that we just know is going to be the wrong decision – but alas, it might be wrong for us, but gee, it worked for them! And then comes their ultimate challenge – they become parents!  And all of a sudden, the don’t KNOW everything, the phone rings, the questions are asked and that’s when it hits – OMG, maybe I did know something after all…. they’re calling me, they’re asking me and then comes the defining moment that I think most parents have heard “gee Mom/ Dad, I sure wish I’d listened to you.”  Oh how I’ve wanted to say “I told you so” but instead I smile and say, “oh yeah?”

So.. On being a Grandma…. I loved my kids to distraction.  I loved playing games, watching TV, being the ‘soccer’ mom, drilling their teachers… I even loved when they challenged me… but when the grandkids came along.  I loved my kids even more (if that’s possible) – what amazing adults they turned out to be.  And I enjoy my grandkids so very much.  I asked myself once, “do I love my grandkids more than I loved my kids?”, and it dawned on me that no, I didn’t.  A grandparents love is such a different kind of love.  We have the responsibility of setting good examples, but deep down….. it is now our kids who have to deal with the day to day challenges of raising their kids.  So as a grandparent, I get to spend the time, the joy, the highlights, even the lowlights of my grandchildren, but when the day is done, I turn the challenge over to their parents and I thank God that He gave me direction to raise mine as they are raising theirs.

Happy Mother’s Day


Friday, May 11, 2012

A few finishes

Getting to the bottom of the piles.  Finished up the Tropical Fish – it will be going to Delaware to an organization, Circle of Light.


Here are a few more going to the same organization.   They were only quilted by me but made by Mickey M. from the Quilters for Comfort group.


Mickey makes the cutest quilts and they are always a joy to quilt. Most of these were simple meander quilting. The Fairies quilt, I did do feather wreathes in the strip patches but even with a close up, they are hard to see.


I need take some time and practice making feathers.  I've watched so many videos and I think I simply need to work out a way that works for me – I know I can do this (eventually)

Busy weekend ahead – my DIL’s mother is getting married this evening, my grandsons’ last football game for the season is tomorrow morning, then Mother’s Day on Sunday.  Planning of kebobs on the grill for Sunday – not sure what else, but it won’t matter… the family will be here and that’s the best part.

Wishing everyone a great weekend and a Happy Mother’s day to the moms, grandmoms and mother figures who we all know have given so much of themselves to others they love.


Saturday, May 5, 2012

Not again.....

From my previous post, I did get the borders on the quilt.  I used the darker blue print fabric for cornerstones.  Got the back ready, got the batting ready (I buy a bolt at a time) - then I did something stupid.  I suggested to hubby that we had talked about getting a new back door.  So we did and in so doing it needed to be installed - by us!  As if that wasn't enough,  I think the fur baby needs her own special little door.  Okay, so she hates it.... but I keep pushing her through it in the hopes that some day she'll decide it's not going to attack her and it's okay to use.  All I do know is the doggy treat jar is going down faster than usual.......
So door is finally in (did you know that houses built in the early 50's are not very square?), still need to do the trim work around it, then paint inside and out where some demolition happened taking out the old door.... Oh, gee fun stuff.  When will I learn to keep my mouth shut?!
Anyway, tropical fish quilt top, batting & backing are still draped over the frame waiting for me finish.  Today is ball game and a bit of shopping in Tucson, probably helping hubby with the trim work when we get home.  Tomorrow is one of the grandson's 6th birthday celebration (they grow way too fast), but the morning I'll have some time - maybe (if nothing else) I can get the quilt on the frame
Okay, need to get myself in gear..... I wonder??????? if I spent as much time on the sewing machine as I do on the computer, how much could I get accomplished ??????  ummm something for me to think about.....


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

You know you’re loved……


So how would you finish that?  Me?  I’d finish it with this:


Just look how cute these are… Oh, what are they / is it you ask?  Well, it’s scissors!

My dear friend and her hubby took a vacation to Louisiana and came across a crafts sort of store.  He saw these, went and got her and they both said “Katie” and bought them for me.  So, I know I’m loved….My friends got something for me that they knew would make me smile just thinking about these.  Do I have great friends or what!?

Nothing on the sewing front.  I needed to finish up a banner for the local Elk’s lodge of which my hubby is a member.  I did pull out fabric to border this:


Sort of hard to tell from the picture, but the print and the embroidery had quite a bit of coral color and I would like to have done a narrow border in coral, but I simply didn’t have anything in my stash that would work and I’ve made up my mind that all my comfort quilts will be made from fabrics already in my stash, so…. Then trying to decide what to border it with.  I usually lean toward dark borders but this one will be bordered in the light blue that the embroidery was stitched on.  I’m thinking I want cornerstones….need to come up with something.  I love the colors in this quilt.  This will be a hard one to let go of…… but truly I don’t really need another quilt.  I do have similar colors that I’ve actually got packaged up and put away specifically for making myself a quilt.  Probably by the time I get around to making it, though, my color preferences will have changed Smile.

Sew…. on my agenda today will be getting this quilt bordered, get a backing together and hopefully getting it on the frame and ready to quilt.   Maybe my next blog post will be of this quilt completed!