Monday, November 29, 2010


I went into EQ and designed a quilt:
The white centers will be fussy cut fabric and the yellow fabric is actually a tan.  Because I decided to make these blocks 12", I doubt I will make this many blocks.  This quilt will be donated to a friend who does motorcycle poker runs and motorcycle rodeos.  The proceeds from these events go to charitable organizations.  This quilt will be raffled and the proceeds donated to Honor Flight
My friend has asked that I have the quilt ready by the end of January.  He would like to display it when he starts selling the raffle tickets.  So, I've already made 7 blocks, but I am short on the red fabric and will have to get more.  The fussy cut centers are not fabrics that will appeal to everyone (you'll understand once I post actual pictures).  I personally am really liking the way this quilt is coming together.  I've put the 7 blocks on the design wall and I'm happy with the look.
Tomorrow will be back to sewing for Christmas gifts.  I have so many ideas running through my brain, I know I won't get them all done.  If I was more disciplined, I'd try and do one gift a day, then I'd have them all done for Christmas.  I ordered Camo fabric to make my guys camo outfits for hunting.  They may get the fabric wrapped with a note "some assembly required"  and signed "see mom".  I've been known to give partial gifts such as jammie tops or bottoms with a note of "to be continued".  One crocheted slipper instead of 2.  A picture frame with a picture of the unfinished quilt.  As long as everything is together for the kids, I don't mind giving 'partial' gifts to the adults in the family :-) 
Other than some small stocking stuffer type items, my actual Christmas shopping is done.  That's a first for me.  I'm normally the Christmas Eve, rush to the store type of person (and hope there's actually something left worth buying).
I see Christmas lights going up on the houses, trees in windows and wonder what happened to waiting at least until the 1st of December.  But that is another story (or possible rant!)


Sunday, November 28, 2010

need to piece a block

Seriously, I need to piece a block!!! Ever have anyone ask why you'd cut fabric into little pieces just to sew them back together again to make a large piece of  fabric?!  Of course, my answer is simply because "I can".  I used to be a garment sewist (I don't like sewer - sounds like something smelly).  I took the required Home Ec class in 7th grade.  Even the teacher wasn't too impressed with my sewing skills!  When I started having children and the first 2 were girls, I knew I had to do something to dress them the way I wanted to.  So, bought a simple Singer straight/zig zag machine, a pattern and some thread and went to town.  I was hooked!  I wouldn't call myself an advanced seamstress by any stretch, but I have managed to muddle through a simple wedding gown.  But as the kids grew up and left home, I didn't have much call for garment sewing.  A friend asked me to take a quilt class with her in 2001 - I've been quilting ever since!  Now I had taken a beginner's quilt class from the local community college back in the early 80's, but WOW had things changed!  Anyway.......after sewing a few jammies for my G-kids this past week, I appreciate that I can now call myself a 'quilter'.  I like simple straight sewing and those small pieces!  It's a lot easier to unsew a 4 or 6" seam than a 14" seam (or larger)!  So after a couple days of the jammie thing, today will be spent piecing SOMETHING!!! Don't know what yet but I'm sure it'll be something I will use :-)


Saturday, November 27, 2010

the season is off and running!

The Holiday season is officially off and running - or so the retailers say! Thanksgiving was wonderful.  My DIL & Son just always outdo themselves. 
Did you do Black Friday?  Oh, I thought about it.  Looked at the clock and rolled over and went back to sleep.  I did do some online shopping later in the day.  When I think of what I saved on gas to drive to Tucson (approx. 60 miles), not paying sales tax and many places offered free shipping, I was probably a little money ahead and definitely more sane!  I did go into JoAnn's today to buy batting.  At 50% off and a coupon for an additional 20%, I simply couldn't let it pass.  Now to get up my ambition to get a few of the quilts quilted I have in my stack.
I did get a couple of my fabric postcards done - these are about 5 X 7", but for my G-kids they're perfect.  I have at least one more to do for my DGD, but she's only 10 months old so her's will be softer (something to chew on)

I've also finished the quilt top for my sister's boyfriend.  He really likes sailboats and owns one.  Being in FL, he may not have much use for a quilt at home, but I'm hoping he'll use this on the boat.

I was undecided about the inner border - but the darker print has red and I really wanted to pull that out in the quilt - so red it was.  Now to decide how to quilt it!
Until next time, please stay safe.


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

 I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.  I hope anyone who is traveling has safe, uneventful travel.  My DH is off hunting in N. Arizona so he and his partner will have dinner at a restaurant.  I will spend Thanksgiving with my son and his family.  He and his wife are great cooks and put out quite a spread.  My contribution is home made bread/rolls, cranberry salad and a fruit salad.  I know it will be a wonderful day.
Made up a couple postcards but I'm having some 'issues' with my machine not liking the satin stitching I'm doing around the edge.  So put it all aside for awhile, may use a different machine for the satin stitching. 
With DH gone, I will get busy here very soon, get my house work done, get salads done for Thanksgiving tomorrow and then hit the sewing room for awhile.


Friday, November 19, 2010

I HATE colds!

Instead of sewing yesterday, took the day and spent it in Tucson (approx. 50 miles SW) with DH.  I am wanting to buy a new sofa so thought I'd take a look, but nothing jumped out at me.  So I'll wait.  DH is getting ready for his hunting season, so we had some places to stop for him.  When you live in a rural community, you take advantage of being in the city when you can!  By the time we got home, about 5 hours later, I just wasn't feeling myself.  Within an hour, I knew what was going on.  I have a darn cold.  Chest congestion and hot, runny eyes.  Took some nighttime cold medicine and was out for the count.  Today I just feel run down (probably a medicine hangover!)   But I will hit the sewing room.  Thought about pulling out the scrap basket and doing some 'mindless' sewing but if I pull it out, everything else gets put on hold.  What is my fascination with scraps!?   But I do enjoy making fabric postcards, so maybe a couple of them in Christmas themes are a good idea.  Guess sitting here thinking about it isn't getting it done ;-)  off to the sewing room I go.  And I will try very hard not to spread my cold germs!  Thank goodness those germs don't travel over cyber space.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

more accomplished

I have some jammies sewn up, a sailboat quilt that has an Attic Windows setting ready to be assembled  (blocks are done!).  Got some carousel horses embroidered (designs from ArtisticThreadWorks)
The pillow panel on top, the solid pink, tan, turquoise (just a sliver), the printed fabric and the embroidered blocks.  This will all go into the quilt once I decide on a layout.
I will spend tomorrow assembling the sailboat quilt and deciding on border fabric.  Will probably start embroidering some sets for the coming Quilters for Comfort charities for 2011.  I have a hard time sitting sewing and the embroidery machine sitting quietly.
I hope everyone is counting their blessings as we approach Thanksgiving.


Friday, November 12, 2010

it's a start

Started sewing up jammies and while I was sewing, I had the embroidery machine going too.  I got some fabric at a yard sale that has almost a victorian 'feel' to it.  It's of carousel horses.  It's pink background and sort of taupe print horses (with other colors).  It also came with pillow panels, so I'm embroidering some carousel horses and will incorporate them into the Carousel Horse quilt.  I'm thinking this quilt will go to my DGD for her first birthday the end of January.  Will post pictures as I have them.


Thursday, November 11, 2010

one more off the list!

As we start to roll into the Holiday season, I start making lists - probably the only time of year I actually have a 'list'!  I'm usually racing to get projects done a couple weeks before Christmas, and amazingly seem to get them completed.  Sometimes I think I simply work better under preasure.  I love to make flannel jammies for my family.  So... yesterday I pulled out my flannel stash and started cutting.  Now I have a stack ready to just be sewn.  I had originally hoped (note I didn't say planned?) to get some slippers crocheted/knitted to go with jammies, but that's not going to happen.  I have carpal tunnel in each hand and I can only crochet or knit for about 30 minutes and then the hands go numb - bummer! Now I feel like I'm officially into the Holiday season.
Today is Veteran's Day.  I hope everyone takes a moment to remember our veterans past, appreciate our troops present and support or troops future.  Without our brave men and women in the armed forces, we would not be able to enjoy our freedoms of today.


Monday, November 8, 2010

better day

Thank goodness I had a better day!  Got some placemats done - I loaded the backing and batting on the frame:
put the placemats that I made using panels and basted down.
Quilted around the printed design of the panel and some free motion:

And after all had been quilted:

I just trimmed them, put the binding on and

So now I have my "fall" placemats done.  One more thing off my list of  'to dos'.
Our AZ weather is supposed to be a bit on the cool side this week, so I'm thinking I will be doing some
baking and sewing - I love to bake when it gets cooler!  I have my sourdough starter ready to make up some
sourdough bread - will make up some hearty soup to go with it - yummmy!!!  It's going to be a good week!


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Get up n Go - Got up and Went!!

Great day spent with friends yesterday doing some shop hopping.  Bought a 'few' pieces of fabric and just knew I'd be anxious to get it washed and start a new quilt.  Got up this morning and have zero energy.  I have walked into the sewing room several times, looked around and walked out.  I have browsed through quilt patterns and quilt blogs trying to find something to spark my interest and get me going.  Now it's not that I don't have anything to do - I do!  I just can't muster up the excitement to get going on it (actually 4 of them).  Maybe I should pull out my knitting...... I have a pair of socks that I started a year ago and only have a bit more to finish up the second sock.....
Hopefully tomorrow will be better! 


Friday, November 5, 2010

Putting scraps away

Put my scraps basket away!  I have at least 3 quilts that I should be working on that are not associated with scraps, so get the scraps out of site and I will get going on what I should be working on!  I get so easily sidetracked :-)
Took some preprinted panels (11" square) and framed them out to make them 'placemat' size.  I will put a piece of backing on the Tin Lizzy and will quilt them all at one time.  I'd thought about free motion quilting them with the regular sewing machine, but I've also wanted to see how doing something like this on the longarm would work out - guess I'll find out!
Will be visiting a couple quilt shops tomorrow that I've never been it - always a fun time!  Not looking for something particular, but bet I come out with something :-)
I'm feeling bad for the people of Haiti.  First the devasting earthquake and then the colera outbreak and now the flooding from Hurrican Tomas.  Please remember this devasted country in your prayers.


Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I'm calling this quilt "Piecework" but the designer, Stephanie Prescott, named it Squares in the Air.  The pattern was published in Quilts magazine Oct/Nov 2010 issue.
This was pieced from scraps or fat quarters.  I liked working with the light,medium, dark color values.  Everything about this quilt was pieced including the backing,

and even the batting and binding. 
Because this is a quilt for me and for utilitarian use, I sewed together scraps of batting I had. ( I would not recommend doing this for a 'better' or gift quilt.)  I used binding left over from other quilts, pieced that together and therefor the name "Piecework" as it truly is a work of pieces!
I couldn't really decide on how I wanted to quilt it. I had thought I'd try something new, but in the end went with just what I call vines and leaves.  Simply a continous line swirly type stitching with some loops and leaves.
Now on to my next project which I really haven't decided what it will be :-)