Sunday, February 19, 2012

getting something done

I actually got a quilt pieced - Yee HA!!!
I had the center lighthouse fabric and wanted to use it but the print is really too large to cut smaller.  It lookes like it's  upside down but really it isn't.  It truly is not a directional fabric.
I had thought about using the 'saw tooth' like this:

down either side and after I finished the top, I really wish I had!  Once I get it quilted, I'll be posting more pictures.  These are 16" blocks and actually I don't think these pictures do it justice - course, you're not seeing the whole quilt top :-)  But my camera battery went out just as I snapped the pictures.....
I'm also working on an Angel quilt.
Sorry about the upper right hand glare - there's a light fixture there next to my design board.
This quit is being made from embroidered angel designs from the ladies of my group for a member who is undergoing chemo.  We felt it would be nice to let her know we're keeping her in our thoughts and prayers.  Of course this is a prioity.  I hope to have the last few angels I'm waiting on by Tues.  I want to get it completed and in the mail by the weekend.
I'm using a multi colored fabric for the borders and was trying to use the aqua and pinkish fabric to bring it all together - which it will once the borders are added.  Right now the horizontal sashing looks like it's a solid strip, but it's not.  I used the border fabric for the 'corner stones'.
So in this close up you can see how the corner stones do break up the sashing.

So.... that's what I've been working on other than knitting.  I've got three knitting projects going right now.  A sweater for myself that I want to have done before we go to Disney, a pair of socks and I am trying to always have something on the needles for the NICU I'm donating to.  Keeps my hands busy in the evenings.  Even with all the lighting I have in my sewing room, I just don't like to sew after dark......

Sure hope everyone is being more productive than I've been.  I'm hoping my sewing/quilting slump is finally over!


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

So neglected......

I have so neglected my blog.......It's not that I haven't been working on anything, just not anything I think would be of interest.  Sort of boring stuff but necessary stuff.  I have a friend who donates to a NICU and delivers twice a year.  I've been knitting some little tiny booties and caps (shown in a previous post) and using orphan blocks to make tiny little quilts (14" X 17").  Several ladies over at Quilters for Comfort have jumped in and are helping.  They questioned the size of these quilts until I explained when a preemie is only 2 lbs, they have so many wires, etc hooked up to them that they simply need something to cover them, they aren't 'wrapped' in these little quilts.
I took a simple embroidered design, bordered it out with flannel and used fleece on the back.  I used the 'pillow turn' method and just did a bit of top stitching and used a decorative stitch from my machine to 'tack' in random places to secure.  I have some flannel left over from making jammies for my g-kids and I will use two layers and do the same thing.  Flannel that has just been laying around will get used for a good cause.
I also have more quilts waiting to get quilted but aren't due until the end of April, so have plenty of time.  I am working on a 'lighthouse' quilt.  I had some embroidered lighthouse blocks and some lighthouse fabric and decided to get something put together with it.  Because of the size of the embroidery, I'm making the blocks 16" using a simple star pattern.
And that's what I've been up to.....