Thursday, April 14, 2016

Almost a year ago...

It's been almost a year now since I was approached about helping 'someone' with getting the Senior's Center here in our small town to making quilts for "humanitarian efforts".  I was asked to be available to help these "senior" ladies when this "someone" wasn't able to be there.  Long story short - this "someone" has NEVER been to any of the meetings!  Ever happen to you - you're asked to HELP only to discover you're IT?  I love these ladies and I love to quilt so it was a good thing.  
A couple years ago a lady from the QFC (Quilters for Comfort) group donated over 100 quilt tops to be finished for charities.  Due to some health issues she was no longer able to work at a sewing machine.  A few of the members from QFC has worked on these quilt tops and they've been donated but I still had a few and decided to take them to the Senior's Center for their use.  These tops were simple square or brick scrappy patchwork and the request was that the Senior's tie the quilts.  It's taken a year but the quilt tops I donated have been tied and they are wanting to make 50 more.  Problem is - these ladies are not quilters and many are not even sewists.  Bring on the usage of a rotary cutter and mat - never mind I won't go there....
So my solution - I'm going to start cutting up my scraps into simple squares and 'kit' up for the ladies to make simple patchwork quilt tops.  I have a love / hate relationship with my scraps and time for them to find a purpose and I think this is a good purpose.  This is my project for today - cutting squares.  It will be a good thing to work on while I do some machine embroidery - think I may have a plan... Now to get busy with it :-)


Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Tube block

Have you ever done a tube block?  Where you take the two strips and sew them top and bottom, then cut to get half square triangles?  I first heard/saw these done with the Wonder Cut ruler.  I jumped on the band wagon and got me one of those rulers.  I personally don't care for it but I've talked to others who love it.  It's a matter of choice.  Anyway, I needed to make up a set of quick quilt blocks and thought about the "Tube block" technique and pulled some practice fabrics to work on the right measurements for the size blocks I wanted to complete - sometimes my brain just goes to 'math dead' and I can't figure out the dimensions...
My first strip sets made blocks too big for what I needed the set for but I really liked the way they looked so made a complete set from my 'practice' fabrics:
These blocks measure 14" and I have a set of 12.  I'm thinking a solid color green to sash and border for a finished quilt...
If you've ever cut triangles from a strip, you know you end up with the odd ends.  I decided to play around with those ends and this is what I came up with:
These aren't sewn together yet... the little blocks measure 6" so this piece when sewn together will measure 27" X 11".  I will border it and probably use it as a dresser runner.  Then.. I had some of the peach and white strip that was longer than the green and peach strip so cut that up into 4-patches along with some squares of green and this is what I have:
This will measure 10 X 20 and will end up being used as a table scarf or something of that nature.
I'm glad I decided to use these pieces while I was in sewing mode instead of throwing them into the scrap tub.  
Oh, the blocks I 'needed' to get done - well, they're for a special project and needed to get sent to a friend to use with a set of embroidered angels:

The person who will be the recipient of the quilt loves bright colors and I have had this print in my stash for quite some time.  I liked pairing it with the Fairy Frost fabrics I had (more fabric I've had for awhile...)
You may have noticed that these blocks aren't the same layout as the green & peach blocks... The green & peach create a square and these obviously don't.  That's one of the things I really like about using this technique, there are several different looks using the same units...  

Wishing everyone a wonderful day,


Wednesday, April 6, 2016

this and that

While I've been in sewing mode, I started working on things for Sew Fest which isn't until August, but the way my ambition comes and goes these days, I take advantage while I have it:
 These blocks are my start to a "Sampler Challenge".  The QFC group was asked to make 2 blocks of 5 different patterns over a period of a couple months.   It was asked to use the same fabrics for all the blocks that will then be put into "sampler" style quilts at Sew Fest.
 These embroidery designs are from Windbell Embroidery.  I used a varigated red thread and wasn't sure I'd like where it went so pale as to be almost white but after I looked at the stitchout off the machine, I liked the 'softness' of it.  This year at Sew Fest we are planning on some more feminine quilts to honor our lady veterans.
This set is also from Windbell Embroidery.
My grandson is in the Air Force my plans are to put this block into a quilt for him.
This block is from Eleanor Burns book "Day & Night" which also comes with a 'specialty' ruler which is really just a triangle ruler with specific to this pattern markings:
You start with a strip set then cut left and right units.  There are some "bonus" cuts that are used for a small version of the star and also the 'spider web' block:
I don't have the corners on in this picture yet....  These were really simple to make and I am sure I will be doing more.

My youngest granddaughter is really into the Disney movie "Frozen".  Her room is decorated accordingly and she has the Elsa and Anna (fashion) dolls as well as other Barbie dolls.  So, thinking ahead to Christmas I've started cutting out doll clothes from my scraps of fabric.  It doesn't take much fabric for these small clothes.... 

Until next time, I wish you all well and much creativity.