Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Pretty sewing rooms

I love to look at pictures of sewing rooms.  I'm always looking for ideas.  I will be the first to admit that I truly have too much fabric and I know I don't have as large a stash as some.  I also know that I have more room than some.  I have taken our 3 bedroom house and turned it into a 1 bedroom house.  I had one room set up as a sewing room.  I have an old heavy metal military style desk that I had my larger Babylock on and beside it I had a 6' folding table that held one of my other machines.  I could sew and machine embroider at the same time.  Fast forward - I got a Juki on a Grace frame quilting set up.  Had it set up on one side of the room and sewing desk on the other side - had to fold up the 6' table.  Fast forward again - Loved the Juki but wanted more quilting space so bought the Tin Lizzy 18 LS.  So now I had to take another room which had previously been my office.  I have condensed my office and put my sewing/embroidery machines in that room.  I have one of those cutting tables from JoAnns, a book shelf unit and miscellaneous other storage.  The other room is the 'quilting' room.  Under the frame I have several totes of fabric.  I have a shelf that runs completely around the top of that room.  I also have an older machine in a cabinet in the quilting room.  Okay, so how does this fit into "Pretty sewing rooms"?  I would love to a nice organized room.  A room where all the 'furniture' matched.  A room where all the storage containers were pretty and labeled.  I would love to have this room and be able to keep it looking nice.  When I see the pictures of the pretty sewing rooms, I often wonder how creative the people who own them really are????  Am I just a messy creative person???  I do like to have all my 'tools' close at hand.  Oh well, I guess it's a nice dream anyway.  I suppose if I took the time to really organize, dispose of items I don't really use (yes I do have some of those), paint my 'furniture', put slip covers on my chairs, maybe even use some pretty wallpaper to cover some boxes, I might be able to get a 'prettier' room.  But I know that once I go into start organizing, I'd come across a piece of fabric that I'd forgot about.  I'd have to pull it out, search for fabric to go with it, start pulling books and patterns to find just the right one and by the time I got that all done it'd look like a tornado had gone through the room.......Okay, I think I've talked myself out of the pretty sewing room.

Katie who likes the dream, though

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Sally said...

Thank you Katie, you made me laugh! (Ok, more like a snort at first, but it was honest to goodness laughing at the end!) Unfortunately, it was while drinking coffee. I should be happy the coffee was not carbonated as it came out my nose though.

I know just what you mean. If I spent a fraction of the time sewing as I did trying to get 'organized', I'd have far more projects finished. I read of all the quilts you are doing, (and finishing!), and I wonder how you get them all done, now I know! You don't try to organize lol!

I remember one time, I was cleaning in the 'sewing room' and I moved a stack of fabric off a table, cleaned the table under it, put the stack back, and Keith looked at me (before he gave up and moved his computer out of that room) and said 'that has got to be the dumbest thing I've ever seen you do". In my innocence, I said, 'huh? You mean dusting off the table was dumb? I'm cleaning." He said, "no, moving the fabric to clean under it just to put it back was dumb...why not just P U T it A W A Y?" I responded, "why put it away, I'm just going to get it back out again when I'm done".

Like you, I have always wanted a neat, matching sewing room, heck, whole house, but I'd settle for one room anyway...unlike you, I kept trying, many a time, to get it all neat and straight and matching lol. All those pictures of my sewing room in different times, were great, if only you could of seen what was behind the camera LOL. I used to get tired moving stuff from one spot to the next, just so I could take a picture.

Oh wait, I'm still tired of moving stuff from one spot to the next :D

I'd feel at home in your sewing room, I don't think I'd be too comfortable in those pretty and neat ones. At least not too creative. My old motto used to be "clutter breeds creativity". Now it just breeds dust.