Friday, January 7, 2011

remember these?

Do you remember these?  Do you know what it is?  You may be too young.  This is my grandmother's laundry sprinkling bottle.  An old Clorox bottle with a sprinkler top.  I remember my grandmother sprinkling the clothes, rolling them up and spending a day ironing. 
The subject of these bottles came up on one of the Yahoo groups I belong to and I just had to pull out Grandma's bottle and take a picture. 
I did have a productive day.  Finished 3 quilts for QFC and started work on my DGD's first birthday quilt.  While I worked on it, I also had the embroidery machine going stitching out designs for the second raffle quilt I've promised.  I sure hope the fabric I've chosen turns out as nice as what I'm seeing in my head :-)
Hopefully, I'll have some pictures tomorrow.  Til then - be happy, be healthy and most of all be yourself!


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Sally said...

Ugh, I remember them. I also remember using them, and having to iron all that mess too.