Friday, January 28, 2011


The TL is working - again!  Added beefier O rings to the north/south encoder.. I wonder how often these O rings 'wear out'?  Maybe I ought to go stock up rather than use all of DH's!
So the raffle quilt is on the frame:
I thought about doing an all-over feather design on it, but this is going to be raffled at a 'biker' bar so thinking no frou-frou type quilting.  Because I have never done a pantograph (nor do I own any designs) and I have never done a stencil (nor do I own any stencils) I'm left to my own imagination.  Well imagination is out the window.  So I'm doing the gray border in a vine and leaves and the center blocks I'm just doing simple free motion meander.  I'm using a varigated white to black embroidery thread that keeps breaking (imagine that!)  So, I'm taking a break and will get some regular cotton quilting thread at the expo tomorrow and will finish Sunday morning.  I will stitch in the ditch around the fussy cut centers and on either side of the black border.  I'm thinking I will use a black binding????
I tried working on another mug rug, just not happy with what I'm coming up with.  It seems my creativity has decided to hibernate for the winter!  Maybe I'll get some ideas at the expo..... I need something to get me going.  Sometimes I have more ideas roaming around in my brain that I simply couldn't begin to do them all, then all of a sudden the door slams - oh, no, not a slow creeping close, it SLAMs shut!  Ah, well, guess it happens to everyone, sure wish it wouldn't be happening now (well, ever really!)
Hope you're all having better creative juices flowing than I do.


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Sally said...

glad you got the thing moving again and yes, stock up on o rings....same place your husband gets them, they are pretty much the same...

as for the quilt, it's another beauty, you do awesome work :D Way better than I used to do, but I was all about fast and easy lol. Or is it fast and EASY. And yes, I'd do black binding. :D (bikers can do frou frou too lol)

I hear you on the creative juices...still looking for mine so hope yours is just gone for a short time.