Saturday, June 13, 2015

Buttons and a quilt to make

I have not been doing and quilt related sewing for a ‘few’ weeks.  My sewing time has been for my sister’s wedding.  I have to get the buttons on the groom’s shirt and then I can go back to quilting (thank goodness!)  I still have wedding sewing to do and some personal sewing for my sister but it’s on hold until the arrival of the bride’s maids dress fabric and my sister giving me the go-ahead that her blouse fits and she likes it before I make up the other 3! 

Then the quilt I have to make – actually there’s two.  My sister’s wedding quilt but the most important is a Patriotic quilt for my grandson who has just graduated Air Force basic training:

SAM_0096I love the shoulders back and ‘at attention’ stance.  So proud.

SAM_0154Here he is with his sisters and mom.  My daughter is in the black & white next to him. His oldest sister on the right and youngest on his left.  

I never post pictures of my youngest grandkids as my son has requested that I don’t and I, of course, will respect his wishes.  But these ones are okay Smile

Now just a little chit chat…..  I have a favorite ‘estate sale’ that I go to.  Kevin liquidates after the initial estate sale and I can’t think of a time I’ve ever gone into his place and left empty handed.  I always find ‘something’…  I was in there on Wed. and came across a Cuisinart ice cream maker.  We both looked at it and Kevin says he thinks something is missing.  So I tell him I will look it up on the internet and see.  He tells me to take it and I tell him okay.  Well, the thing that was missing was the freezer bowl!  You’d think that would be obvious… Anyway…. I ordered the freezer bowl and stopped in yesterday to pay him half of what he asked for the ice cream maker.  I tell him, “We’re compromising on the price because I had to pay for the bowl.”  He laughs and is okay with it.  Then he says, “ I was thinking of you yesterday.”  oh, oh, is that good or bad?  He tells me he has “material” for me.  I ask him what kind because his idea of material is anything fabric related…. It’s place mats, napkins and heaven knows what else.  I bring home 5 contractor size black bags full of stuff for $20.  Well, there’s clothes and duffle bags and handbags, and a variety of other stuff.  The Hubby asks, “What are you going to do with this stuff?”  Simple, go through it, take out what I can use or want.  The rest goes to the thrift store and I will take my $20 off taxes as a contribution….  So now I have to tell you – I always use cloth napkins.  Over a year ago, I pulled out a pile of cloth napkins that I had accumulated over time and decided it was time to put them to use.  I found a cute little square basket (thrift store, of course), put  my folded napkins in there and keep it in the center of my dining table.  It took a while but now the entire family uses those cloth napkins.  I have saved a TON by not using paper towels.  And as the napkins get stained, they go into the kitchen and I use them for draining anything fried.  Soak in a bit of water and dish soap before laundering and they’re good for the next need!  I now have friends using cloth napkins instead of paper.  I will be sharing my HUGE amount of napkins that I got from Kevin – every body wins….

Until next time,


Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The year 2000

What is significant about the year 2000?  It was the year I started my journey as a quilter.  I had taken a quilt class in 1980.  Made a sampler quilt the ‘old fashion’ way – scissors and templates….  I was not a quilter!  I’d rather sew little Barbie doll clothes or reupholster a chair than cut and sew those pieces… So fast forward to 2015 – I’ve been sewing garments for the past 2 weeks.  I have button holes and buttons to put on the grooms wedding shirt and then I’m going to cut up some fabric with a rotary cutter and sew those tiny pieces back together!  I WILL work on something quilty!!!!

Off to finish a shirt and pick out some ‘quilting’ type fabric!


Saturday, June 6, 2015

A little over a month!

It’s been a little over a month since I last blogged!  I have been busy, though.  May graduations, getting ready for a trip to Florida, trip taken (gone 10 days), and now getting over jet lag!

Here are some finished quilts that I managed before I left.  Also from my previous post, those quilts got quilted as well:

IMG_0004IMG_0005IMG_0006IMG_0007These quilts were a combined effort of Micky M. and Sheron R. from QFC.  Sent to me for quilting.  I really liked the little added applique in the upper left corners of the number teddies quilt.  And aren’t those little swirly ponies designs just the cutest! 

Okay, so my trip to FL… My sister is getting married in September and she asked me to maker her wedding dress and his shirt to match.  They are doing a Hawaiian theme wedding and getting married on a 90 ft. yacht so very casual.  She chose a pattern for a dress and I made it up in non-wedding fabric as a ‘sample’ before I went.  Too small but I had left the seams large and ‘unfinished’ so no big deal for taking out.  Dress didn’t do a thing for her!  Off to JoAnns on Memorial Day and hit a great sale on patterns and fabric.  Saved more than what we spent Smile… New dress pattern, make another ‘sample, a few adjustments and we have our dress!  Unfortunately, she had wanted a long dress but because the skirt of this pattern is cut as a circle, not enough width in the fabric to make it long.  She’s decided Tea length is okay and, really, is quite flattering on her.  We’re going to add a petticoat to her undergarments to give it the fullness of a more traditional wedding dress.  Did a sample for his shirt, made a few adjustments but no time left to get his wedding shirt made so it came home with me.  Anyway,,,, while at JoAnns my darling sister asks, “do you think you can make me some simple blouses if I get some fabric?”  So, yep, add a few blouses and a skirt to the ‘need-to-get-it-done’ list.  Never could tell my baby sister “not now”…. Oh wait there’s more!  The bride’s maids dresses she bought???? a total bust!  So, yes, I’m making those, too….  How far off is September 20?  No, don’t answer that, I don’t need anymore stress!!!  I still have Sew Fest to prepare for.  That’s August 2nd – 8th.  And, I usually do a big 4th of July B-B-Q … Okay, breathe in , breathe out…. 

Here are some of what I’ve done for Sew Fest:

IMG_0009IMG_0010IMG_0011We’re adding Christmas / Winter theme quilts for children this year at Sew Fest.  Our main focus is still our Patriotic quilts, but figured a few quilts for children who may be in a hospital during the holidays would be a nice break.  And I got to use up some scraps of Christmas / Winter fabric!

So, if it’s another month (or two) before you ‘see’ me again, you know why….

Katie who really does strive on busy…..