Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Quite the title to start a blog post, huh?  I couldn’t come up with some ‘catchy’ title, because really, this post might not be that interesting but something I wanted to say.

Yahoo groups – do you belong to any?  just a couple? a lot?  and I’m curious – what draws you in to the group?  The reason I’m asking is, first – I think at one time I belonged to about 20 groups.  Discovered that I was just deleting most of the email notifications without even looking, so cleaned up my groups.  Still belonged to about 5 (I know – lot of ‘clean up’), this morning I cleaned up some more and now I am down to 3 – one being QFC which I help moderate Smile  okay.. so  second – because I help moderate the QFC (Quilters for Comfort – see tabs across the top), we have people who are listed as ‘members’ of our group and I’m sure that many of them have joined for some reason or another and no longer bother to read the posts.  I have to admit here I feel the same way about my blog – I’d rather have 5 who I know care enough or maybe I should say interested enough to read, than many who just follow because of a give-away (something I’ve never done!) and never come back.  Oh well, enough of that.

On a personal note, I have 2 more quilts to get quilted than it’s the binding and getting sent out – hope I have them done and in the mail by Friday afternoon!

My granddaughter, Kari (now 18!) informed me yesterday that she picked out her dress pattern for prom.  Last I’d heard, she was thinking of NOT going.  Prom is March 23rd and that does not leave me much time to get this dress done.  I’m off with my son & his family for our annual trek to Disneyland Mar. 15 – 19.  So…. Kari & I have a date for Sunday to go prom dress fabric shopping and hope this dress isn’t too complicated.  She chose a strapless dress – not something I’m too excited about.  She’s quite ‘chesty’ and I’m thinking she’ll end up being uncomfortable once it’s done – but what do I know?!

Katie who some day may actually post pictures of something interesting Smile

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Best Intentions…

People have wondered why I don’t make lists.   Grocery lists, to-do lists, misc shopping lists….  Why would I?  I had my weekend planned (well sort of).  I quilted one more quilt, got another on the frame and 1/3 quilted.  Figured I would come home after my g-sons’ football game and finish that quilt and get another on the frame.  Instead… my 9 yr. old GS has his ‘white baby’ which is a crocheted afghan he’s had since he was a baby.  It’s his favorite and very well loved.  It’s also in tatters.  So “please grandma, can you fix it?”  Now what’s more important?  Getting the quilt that’s waiting, done or doing something for a GS?  For me there really is no question, I’m doing my best to try and repair what I can of his afghan!  Got home, pulled out a yarn needle and some nice soft white yarn and started on his “baby”.  I know it won’t be perfect, but he’ll love that it’s intact for a bit longer.  His dad was the same and still has ‘his baby’.  Some things you simply can’t put aside until ‘later’!!

I have dear friends who are headed to Seattle in a couple weeks.  He has Leukemia and will be undergoing a stem cell transplant.  His donor is from the ‘donor registry'.  Surprisingly, he did not have a family member that was a possible donor.  I am unable to be a donor due to having hepatitis as a child.  My hubby wasn’t a candidate due to a respiratory health issue.  I bring this up because I hope all that are able, are listed as donors.  Something so small, can make such a huge difference in someone’s life.  Anyway, they could be gone for as long 6 months and I will not only be praying and worrying about them, I will be missing them.  So today we will get together for a nice dinner and a game of dominos. 

On that note, I really need to get myself busy.  A house to straighten up, a meal to cook and a ‘baby’ to work on Smile


Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I’ve been MIA for about 10 days.  Long story short, I was in northern AZ helping a SIL who underwent 2 kidney surgeries in less than 48 hours.  It’s good to be home!  I told her I think from now on when I go to help her, I’ll be taking a sewing machine and projects to work on!  We anticipated a 4 day stay…… Ah, well, I’m just glad we’re close enough to be able to help when it’s needed.

We traveled home in this today:

IMG_0053So glad hubby was driving!  I did enjoy the view, but also very glad I don’t live in snow country!  I think being a desert rat suits me just fine…..

I still have 7 quilts to get quilted, bound, labeled and sent off to IL for the QFC group – hope to be able to work on those the rest of the week.  Won’t be doing much more than free motion meander as I really NEED to get them done and sent out.

Hope everyone is staying warm and safe…


Sunday, February 3, 2013

Happy Super Bowl Sunday

And that's not my team!  I made this for a friend.  He had the SF 49er's Logo patch and wanted me to make this banner for his 'club'.  Once I gave it to him I told him I was tempted to put a patch on the back that said "Go Ravens!"
So this was just a little something I did this week.  I made this using canvas.  I was concerned that felt would sag eventually.  I fused the letters and was going to leave it at that but then decided I'd go ahead and do a small zig zag stitch around the letters.  First I went around the logo patch - first big mistake.  Trying to manipulate that stiff patch (about 14" wide) though the throat space of my domestic machine was not fun.  Then as I was stitching around the letters, other letters started falling off!  Another note to self - use heavier fusible.  Then the letters started to fray as I stitched around them - they got a bit of a hair cut after I was done with that!  Anyway, a few lessons learned on this one and my friend was happy with his banner (even if I'm not rooting for his team :-)  )
Hope you all are having a SUPER day (couldn't help myself).  I'll be heading to my son's to celebrate my granddaughter's third B-day and, Yes, watch the Super Bowl!