Sunday, January 9, 2011

so a bit accomplished

I did not make these quilts.  These were made by Mickey M. from Quilters for Comfort and quilted by me.  Mickey is so creative and does beautiful work - a pleasure to quilt them.   These quilts (along with a few more I have to finish) will go to Bay Area Crisis Nursery in CA.

This is for my granddaughters 1st birthday on Jan 29.  Her nursery is done in pink, light brown and touches of taupe.  Sort of 'Victorian' looking and I thought these carousel horses fit that look.  I was going to put a solid border around it, but I really like the border fabric that was part of the pillow panels and decided to use it instead.
I have designs embroidered and the fabric picked out for the second raffle quilt I need to do - now to pick out (or create) a block pattern.
Hope everyone is having a good Sunday,


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Sally said...

wow, these are gorgeous, I can even see the quilting in the top ones!! Great job! LOVE the carousel one, it's funny, I spent far too much of my day trying to find SOMETHING to do, and carousel horses that I had embroidered eons ago, were set aside lol. But I considered them. And nothing decided on to do. LOVE that quilt!