Saturday, January 15, 2011


Finally got back to the TL today to try and figure out what was going on - it's the rear encoder which controls the left to right stitches.  It was causing the 'drag' because it's just not working.  Guess I'll be ordering new encoders from TL on Monday!  But on a positive note, I did manage to quilt two small quilts using 'manual' mode.  I used to quilt using my domestic machine so just needed to get the speed of the machine coordinated with MY speed :-)  I wasn't able to do any feathers like I'd wanted, but it's okay, what I did do worked just as well.  I've still got to get the binding on the quilts, then I'll post some pictures.
Yesterday was an outside day for me.  I love my ATV!  Seriously, if someone told me I had to give up either my ATV or my sewing machine, I'd have to really think long and hard.  It was a bit cool but not cold, and the sun was gorgeous. 
Where I live, it's almost always this clear. 
You simply couldn't give me city life - I love where I live. 

Now I'm off to the sewing room to get the binding on the two quilts I quilted this morning.  Then I think I'll play in my scrap basket and make up some string blocks - just do some 'doodle' sewing :-)


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Sally said...

glad you found out what was wrong :D and yes, you live in an area that I can only dream of lol. Great spot!