Friday, October 18, 2013

Going back in time…

As I was spending some time viewing some pictures, I came across some older pictures that I thought I’d share.  Sometimes, I surprise myself.  This was a QFC quilt that I quilted.  I believe the maker was Mickie M.  I remember wanting to do a bit extra around the embroidery and decided to ‘echo’







I was really happy with the feathered wreaths I had done on this one – I don’t do those enough and really need to work on them so I feel more comfortable when I do:


This was quilt made for a QFC member who was undergoing treatment for brain cancer.  Members sent in angel blocks that I then assembled into a quilt.  The angels on the back were larger then average and part of an entire set.  They worked out well on the back. 


I was not sure how I was going to quilt this one,  so I just jumped in and started and once I did, it just worked.  Sometimes I believe I ‘over think’ what needs to happen with the quilts:


So there are some pictures from “back in time”.

I have finished the large Dresden Plate top and it will be going on the frame (hopefully) next week. I am working on my g-sons’ Halloween costumes.  One almost completed and hope to get the other one finished in the next couple of days.  Then it’s on to Christmas sewing.  I want to finish my Christmas quilt that I started last year and make a couple stuffed dolls.  OH – I have to add this in.  I was looking at patterns on line, McCalls, Simplicity – the common pattern companies – and I was very surprised how few stuffed doll / toy patterns were available.  There are TONS of clothes patterns  for the 18” dolls – and yes I know how popular they are, I bought a couple as Christmas gifts last year – but what about the younger kids???  Thanks goodness I have saved my stuffed doll patterns.  One pattern I’m missing, though, is my Care Bears pattern.. it will show up eventually, I just need to look in the right place Smile

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A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Great photos, Katie!! Have fun with the costumes and I hope that you find your Care Bears pattern soon. And why do you refer to it as the "right" place when it's where you "left" it?? - haha - ;))