Saturday, August 31, 2013

What was I thinking????!!!

IMG_0024the dreaded scraps are to blame for this mess!  I made the decision to pull my scrap bin(s)  because I needed to cut some 4½” squares of scraps.  I’d made the decision to border my big dresden plates with scraps of squares.  The Dresden plates will be in the center and I will built out to size from there using the squares – as well as using the squares as a ‘sashing’.  IMG_0027 Here’s a start of my squares!  But of course, as I go along, I find more:

IMG_0025 These little pieces were left over from this quilt:

IMG_1503  (oops, I moved a lot of pictures off this computer onto a thumb drive so don’t have the picture of the finished quilt – but I’ve posted it before….)

Anyway, I turned those little pieces into this little mat that I’m not sure what I’ll do with :

IMG_0029  Then as I went along, coming across other little bits of this and that and leftovers:

IMG_0026IMG_0028  I added to or assembled.  The green/blue was 4 - hour glass squares and will end up as a hot mat.  The brown and white squares had the triangles added to them and trimmed down and will become mats of some sort.  The black and yellow were 4 pieces that I put together and those will become coasters.  I had several orphan blocks that I will make into mats to be used somehow.  I plan on putting a backing on the frame, laying scrap pieces of batting and just lay out these smaller items and I’ll just do a mass quilting of it all at one time.  I have some Insulbright batting that I will add as an extra layer under the items that I figure might be used in the kitchen. 

I’ve also started up on some knitting.  I want to learn lace style knitting and it’s not difficult, but I found one really needs to pay attention.  Here’s a picture of fingerless mitts and a headband/ears warmer  I made.  The headband still needs it’s buttons attached:

IMG_0034 I’ve also got a Sew Fest quilt on the frame to get to and I think I can fit one more in the box to send off so will get to that before I start a quilting marathon (I have quite a stack to be quilted!)

And is the sewing room put back in order?  Well  - sort of.  I did manage to go through all my scraps and I have 4 gallon baggies full of strips that measure 1½ – 2” that I will use in my strip blocks.  Once I have all the strip blocks I want done – I will dispose of what’s left.  I have a box of odd scraps that are short but at least 2” that I will use for my pineapple blocks. And again, when I’ve assembled all the blocks I want for that, those scraps will be gone.  I also got  a shoe box full of 2½” strips that I have no idea what I’ll do with, but if nothing else they can be put into a scrappy binding – like I need that when you look at this:

IMG_0031 My bin full of left over bindings…..

And I did manage to clear off the cutting table somewhat.  I disposed of the old computer that was taking up floor space and connected the new printer that was also taking up floor space.  I was on a roll when hubby asked for some help and I have yet to get back to finishing up the ‘clean up’ (maybe today….)

So that’s what I’ve been doing – getting a little done here and there …



A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Katie - you can "dispose" of those dreaded scraps by tossing them in my direction ANY time - haha - ;))

Ellen said...

Your room is not really a big is just a room full of fun!