Friday, November 15, 2013

Just when you think......

Just when you think.. how would you finish that?  For me it's...Just when you think... you have everything under control, you add more to the stack!  I made up Christmas stockings for the local Elk's Lodge Children's Christmas Party:
These are super quick and easy to do.  I did a tutorial and posted the link on the Quilters for Comfort blog.  (I have yet to figure out how to post a tutorial to this blog....)  Some of the ladies from QFC have sent stockings and more are sending but the ladies at the Elks Lodge did not know this.  They received a donation of Christmas fabric to make stockings and started cutting it.  I received a call asking if I'd help sew them up.  Long story short, I, of course, said yes and explained though that they would be receiving at least another 30+.  Well, the fabric is cut, the stockings will be sewn and there will be plenty extra to be stored for next year's party.
Oh, it doesn't stop there.  Once the lady who called me discovered I quilted and that QFC takes the summer to dedicate Patriotic themed quilts for our veterans and troops, she asked if we would make some for the VA Christmas party.  I had to explain to her that I needed to know the need in advance but that I could get her a couple.  Fortunately, I have a couple tops that just need to be quilted.
Oh, no, still not done:  Remember these?
These are "Dump Bags" that I made last year for the VA Christmas party.  I didn't hear back about them, but seems like they were well received and have been requested for this year!  So, not only am I sewing stockings, quilting a couple quilts, I will be making Dump Bags....And working on my own Christmas projects in my spare time.  Thank goodness I work well under pressure!  Actually, I work better when I know I have a dead line!

Off to get something done :-)


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A Left-Handed Quilter said...

What a wonderful stack of goodies to make!! - ;))