Monday, April 2, 2012

Feathered Star

My first Feathered Star!  I learned a few lessons in making  this.  Accurate cutting is essential as well as a consistent seam allowance.  There are a lot of pieces in this and it measures 18".  My plans were to use it for a center block for a queen size quilt - but I'm thinking I'd want it bigger for that... still not sure on that yet.  I also learned that no matter how many pieces or how many shapes, if I take my time - it can be done!
So, I'm glad I did it and I know I will do another one.  Now that I learned  some of the basics, it's not so intimidating..  I did take pictures and did a 4 steps journey journal.  Thinking I'll post it as a separate folder (see tab across the top)



Sue said...

Good on you, Katie! If we have the ability to think one small part at a time, anything is possible when we quilt, isn't it?

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

That looks GREAT! And it DOES look intimidating - can't wait to see your "How-To"! You could always just write four separate "posts" and then make a tabby at the top with a list of links to them all. That's what I did for my floral applique project - seems to work OK - ;))