Saturday, August 10, 2013

Sat. 8/10/13

Sorry, no catchy title for my blog post today.  Maybe I could have said “miscellaneous” because that’s what this post will be.

IMG_0016I drafted this block in EQ because a lady from QFC had sent some blocks like this and I really liked them:

IMG_0035Linda S. made these blocks – see the upper left corner star.  I thought it was stunning but I didn’t know the name of the block or where it came from so I just drafted my own pattern.  I don’t plan on selling it or passing it along to anyone so I don’t think I did anything in regards to copyright…. at least I hope not!

Ellis baby #3IMG_0018I made this quilt top some time back and I have a dear young friend who is expecting baby #3 in Sept. so I decided to finish it up to send to her.  I put a cream Minky on the back and bound it with a cream satin.  I used a layer of white flannel in the center for the batting then just did stitch in the ditch around all the blocks for quilting.  Last time I talked to her she still wasn’t sure the gender of the baby but suspected a baby girl.  I know this doesn’t exactly look girly, but I don’t think every little girl in the world has to be pink!  I am also knitting baby caps and booties to send along with the quilt….

I finished quilting my designated Sew Fest quilts and will send them off next week.  I have 5 kits left and if no one comes forward to request them, I’ll get them quilted and sent off as well.  A couple of the QFC ladies did say they would take a couple, but these same ladies already had a few to finish.  I told them to finish what they had and if they wanted more after that, I’d send them.  I don’t want anyone to get ‘burn out’….

Because I’m not the most organized person in the world (really, I’m not!), I decided I really, really needed to get my WIPs/UFOs done.  I pulled them out and put them with their designated fabrics.  Got them kitted and stacked on the cutting table.  I thought about working on them until they were completed – well, at least to the ‘needs quilting’ stage, but if I just designate one day a week, I should have them all completed within a month’s time.   I have my large Dresden plates that I’ve decided I will simply sash and border in scrappy patchwork squares.  My  Feathered Star is a little undecided yet.  I’m thinking about framing the star in a deep (not bright) orange, then doing a variety of different piecework borders to obtain size, sort of like a round robin quilt would be, leaving the star as the center medallion.  I also have some paper piecing projects that I need to get completed.  I really do love paper piecing but I hate removing the paper, but ……  I bought Kari a Viking (6690 I think) at a thrift store that sews about 100 stitches per inch – okay maybe not quite that many but it’s a lot and there’s no adjusting it (might be why it was at the thrift store!).  Needless to say, I’ve kept the machine and discovered it’s perfect for paper piecing.  That paper just falls off Smile

So that’s what I’ve been doing and what I’m planning to do.  Once I get all these projects done, I’m planning on a total reorganization of the sewing room.  Planning and executing are not necessarily the same thing!!!!


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A Left-Handed Quilter said...

I like your drafted block - I do the same thing. I like to play in EQ to see if I can duplicate some blocks and patterns that I come across - sort of like trying to solve little puzzles - ;))

Organizing WIPS was on my list for this year - but actually completing all of my UFOs is never going to happen - so I admire your tenacity - ;))

FPP - I have an OLD machine that sews a SHORT stitch no matter what the stitch length dial says - now I see that you have your own version. And I agree - those machines are PERFECT for FPP - ;))