Friday, December 6, 2013

How did it creep up so quickly?????

I know, I say it every year but it still surprises me.  I know it’s coming, I think I’m prepared, I even make a list (and I’m really not a list maker!) then it hits me – Christmas is only a couple weeks away!  I haven’t even thought about shopping – I hate crowds and rude people and we all know how the retail stores are this time year…. I’ve done some sewing.  Have some things cut out waiting.  I have done some knitting.  And I keep changing my mind as to what I want to get this one or that one. 

Hubby asks, “Where are you putting the tree this year?”  (we use a 30” fiber optic thing from Lowes… and I don’t really consider it a big deal)  My answer, “I’m not putting up the tree.”  Hubby:  “But why not?”  Me:  “Because the kids won’t be here during the holidays so no sense in putting it up for just us.  Besides, we rarely even turn the lights on it.”  Whew, got by that one…. He put up the outside lights, I put up my Nativity (the most important decoration!) and hung my g-kids stockings (even though they won’t be here, the stockings make me smile thinking of my g-kids). 

So now I wonder (or contemplate)…. Is Christmas supposed to be stressful?  What’s this about Holiday Cheer, good tidings and all that????  I think the commercialism of Christmas has gotten the better of everyone… Go buy the biggest, brightest, newest electrical / tech gadget…. Don’t forget the latest and greatest video game console and the games to go with it…. And, holy cow, don’t even think about the price of toys!! I picked up a ‘wish list’ booklet from Walmart.  I was hoping it would give me some ideas.  Thanksgiving I gave it to the kids and told them to pick out a few things so I’d have ideas.  If I had looked at that thing before giving it to them, I’d have burned it!  Anyway, enough of my whining… I will be ready when the ‘day’ gets here as I usually am.  I will say “Happy Birthday, Jesus” and remind my g-kids to do the same.  I will once again hope that my handcrafted items are well received and the few things I buy will be gifted with a return gift receipt Smile

So for now, be happy, be healthy, be content with your decisions and to heck with the stress – give it off to someone else who deserves it (such as that rude customer ahead of you in the checkout line who’s giving the clerk a bad time about not getting the price from the flyer that expired a week ago… (Hello, Lady, Black Friday was a week ago and with limited hours to boot!)


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A Left-Handed Quilter said...

I agree - too much commercialism and stress - not enough of the be happy - be healthy - MERRY Christmas - ;))