Saturday, June 25, 2011

Scrappy Saturday!!!

My Scrappy Saturday project:

It started as this:

Someone (thank you, Kitty) asked me if I'd ever foundation stitched on a coffee filter?  Well, no, I hadn't tried that so thought this would be a good opportunity to do so.  Naturally, this picture is after I trimmed it to the size of the coffee filter.  I then used a light weight stabilizer to create an applique.

I stitched around the circle, then slit the stabilizer and turned right side out and pressed.  But just one wasn't going to be enough and I wanted to have a smaller circle.  So using a round template, I simply drew a circle on the coffee filter.

and proceeded to stitch strings.  I started all my circles with a triangle scrap and went around from that center. 

then I used my light weight stabilizer again, right sides together and stitched on my drawn line, trimmed and turned and yes, removed the paper :-)

To secure to my base fabric, I used little spots of washable school glue and then pressed to set.

Once I had all my circles secured where I wanted them, I sandwiched my little quilt using liquid starch and a few pins to hold in place.  The liqud starch is sticky enough to hold everything without shifting. I spray the batting, then smoothed the backing and pressed dry; turned over, sprayed the other side of the batting, smoothed the top over the batting and pressed dry again.  I wouldn't suggest using it with poly batting, though.  I'm sure it would compact/melt the batting!    Then I used a blanket stitch around the circles - I suppose you could do this before you sandwiched the quilt, but I wanted it as part of my quilting.  Then I just did some straight stitching to quilt.  

I did not want cross hatching, so you can see I only stitched to the lines and tried not to cross them.
For my binding, I just reached into my left over binding drawer and pulled out a couple brights that I had and used those.  Really, the striped one was almost enough.... but what the heck, this is Scrappy so needed that little extra anyway :-)

This little piece measures about 18 X 13 and will probably be used for a placemat for my grandkids.  I'm thinking I'll do a couple more with different shapes on them. 

Happy, Scrappy Saturday :-)


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A Left-Handed Quilter said...

WOW! I think I may have created a monster! Just kidding! But give you an idea and you really RUN with it, don't you? GREAT JOB on your Scrappy Circles! Now MY strings are calling my name. Just what I need - ANOTHER project! Thanks! ^..^