Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

I no longer have my dad with me but he was a big influence in my life and loved him dearly.  I thank him for his patience as I was not the easiest child to raise.  I thank him for his unconditional love - I'm sure there were times I didn't make it easy :-)  And as I remember my dad today I look at my two favorite guys - my hubby and my son - who also are great dads.  My hubby who took me on with two little girls and raised them as his own.  Who also helped me achieve the birth of my son :-) who has simply amazed me at how wonderful a father he turned out to be ('course he had a good example to follow).  Father's Day is about all the dads out there who deserve some special recognition, but for me it's also a day of being surrounded by the people I love.  That said I'd better get into the kitchen and get busy :-)


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