Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Scrap Bin!

Yes, this is my scrap bin.  And I can actually get the top on this if I really scrunch everything down!!!  Okay, so this might not be the best method of scrap organization ever produced, but hey, the hunt is half the fun!  I've read Bonnie Hunter's method of scrap organization - WOW that would be great if I'd started about the time I decided to start saving scraps.  I supposed I could start from now, but then what would I do with all these?  No, I simply don't see myself pulling these out, pressing and cutting and cataloging.   And really, I used to never keep anything this small (well some aren't too small, but less than a quarter yard)  Then I started paper piecing and making fabric post cards and lo and behold, I could use really small pieces.  I remember actually rummaging through my trash basket in seach of a small piece that I knew I'd thrown away.  It was yellow and was needed for a flame in a paper pieced block - I think that was the point when I realized small pieces were a valuable commodity.  I keep a large gift bag next to my cutting table and whenever I trim and cut, the small strips go into that bag.  When the bag is full, it gets put in the bin - well used to.......I either need to use some of what's in the bin or buy another bin!  See, another reason for me to try my hand at those hexagons :-)
This is a little of what I've used my scraps on.  A Snack Mat (a bit larger than a Mug Mat) and some fabric postcards for a swap. 

This is a picture of some of my spoils from yesterday's outing with my granddaughter.  Some are simply pieces and some is yardage.  We go to a place called SAS  in Tucson (on Speedway if you're familiar with Tucson).  I liken it to a Fabric Thrift store.  They have just about every kind of fabric you can think of.  Trims, lace, buttons, zippers, elastic - you name it, they probably have it and at great prices!  The cotton fabric is in boxes and the fabric spills out over the top in a wonderful array of color (next time I'm in, I'll have to ask if I can take a picture!).  I like to dig down into the boxes to see what I come up with :-)  As you can see, I came up with a variety.  My granddaugher pulled out one piece that was probably only 3" long, the width of the fabric.  Anyway, it was a really good day spent with her.  And to see the discovery of fabric from a 'newbie's' eye just gets me excited all over again!

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A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Anything you don't want - you can send to me. I'm sure your stuff has "friends" at my house! ;) And I like your "spoils" - great colors! Can't wait to see what you do with it!