Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Can you learn something new????

Kitty, from Left-Handed Quilter (see pretty pink button!) asked a question that has sort of lead me to my post today.  Can you learn something new even if you already do what's being taught????  Would I pay to take a class to learn how to do something I'm already doing?  Ummmm, probably not.  Well, unless a friend asked me to take the class with her and it was a good time to spend with a friend.  But.... if I was at a group function and someone was demonstrating/ teaching a technique, I'd absolutely be there.  There are so many ways to accomplish the same end result and my way is not the only way.  The way I do something now I do because I've tried or read about different ways and I've found what works best for me.  And I'm always on the lookout for anything that can make life easier, more efficient.... faster :-) 
If you've been following along with me for a bit, you'll know that my granddaughter is learnig to sew, quilt, craft.  With every new technique I teach her, I try to give her other options.  Just last week when I told her, "Kari, some people do it like......."  she said, "But, Grandma, I'm learning from you......."  I told her that I would teach her the way I found easier, but that as she learned more she might find something that worked better for her and that when it came down to the brass facts, she needed to work things 'her' way (and as independent as she is - she will!)
Okay, so with all my nonsense to this point, what brought me to this post???? Well this is a bit of a rant so if you don't like rants, you may want to stop here... but I am curious as to whether you feel you can learn something new?
A few years back I was asked to demonstrate/ teach paper piecing at a group function.  I'm going to say right up front here that I use Carol Doak's method as it's what I found works best for me.  Anyway.... I had printed out some tips that I found useful and also did a sort of picture tutorial to go along with my demonstration.  As the group gathered around, one of the ladies walked away.  One of the other ladies said, "Hey, Katie's doing her paper piecing class."  The lady walking away said, "Oh, I already know how to paper piece."  My thoughts were not voiced but in my mind I was thinking "and good for you to be so perfect".  As the function progressed (it was 5 days long), I discovered that this 'lady' was someone who did it all and knew it all - well good for her!  Okay enough about that one!  After my demonstration, a young lady who was attending with her mother, who was not a quilter or even much of a sewer, went back to her table and proceeded to make a paper pieced quilt block from a pattern that I'd provided.  She was so proud of herself and I was too.  It made me feel good to know that I could pass on something to someone and they 'got it'! And..... during that 5 day function, I learned how to do a few things from others that I found easier than the way I was doing them ------ imagine that!

Katie who doesn't know it all and is always looking for new things to learn.

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