Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Never gonna happen!

As I watched a lady patiently sewing little, tiny hexagons together at a quilt show, I admired her work and told my friend "Nope, never gonna happen!"  I simply can't see myself sitting patiently, sewing little bitty hexies together.  I want more instant gratification.  So that said, and me trying to figure out something to do with my hands in the evening, I have decided to try those hexagons that seem to pop up frequently in blogland.  Will I do one inchers?  Ummm, no.  I think I will try 2" and hope to have enough to make one of those flowers.  Seriously...... I will try these hexagons, but I have my doubts that there will ever be enough to make anything of substance.  A coaster?????? umm, that should be doable!
No sewing today.  Spending time in Tucson with my granddaughter.  Starting off with an early appointment for me.  Then to the Apple store so she can pick her IPod.  Then over to SAS as she loves that store with all it's trims and fabric.  We have to be back in our little town by 3pm as she's scheduled to give blood at 3:15.  When she turned 16 she started donating blood and says she will continue to do so as it makes her feel like she's giving something important.  What a great gal!  I, unfortunately, am not able to donate because of hepatitis when I was 7.  But I do believe that blood donation is as worthy a cause as organ donation.  Okay,  enough of that...
Hope all have as good a day as I know I will.

Katie who promises pictures forthcoming..... (maybe even a hexie or two)

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