Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Kari Quilts

My granddaughter has been learning to sew/quilt.  She saw some "Hippie" embroidered blocks that I'd received to put into a comfort quilt and asked if she could help me with it.  She went to my fabrics and chose what she liked.  She's still intimidated by the rotary cutter, but she did all the sewing and quilting on this quilt.
She really, really likes the TL:

I had a practice piece set up and showed her a few things that I thought might be easy for her to do.  She played a bit and decided she likes to do loops.  She did a fantastic job and is just so relaxed using the TL and now is looking forward to helping me quilt some more comfort quilts I have 'in waiting'.

The finished quilt.  Sorry I didn't get a close up, she really did do an amazing job!


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