Thursday, June 23, 2011

change in taste

How often have you looked at piece of fabric you've bought and thought "what was I thinking?" or "what did I have in mind for that fabric?"  I love color - lots of it.  If you look at my stash, most of my prints are very colorful, multi color fabric.

  Florals - not so much.  Pastels - not so much. I like 'blender' fabrics, you know the ones that won't 'fight' with a print.  But lately......I've been seeing some pastel floral prints that seem to be speaking to me.  What's up with that?!  And... what would I do with them?  Well, okay - yes I'd make a quilt (of some sort) but would I keep it? I have some fabric in my stash

Now, it's not really pastel, but it's floral.  Not my usual taste, but I guess it could work with the right pattern.
This is more my taste in floral:

well maybe it's more 'leafy'  but I do love leaves as I love the colors of autumn!  But maybe, just maybe, if I put it all together............

I'll come up with a 'sort of' pastel, floral quilt...........ummmm, now to see if I can come up with a pattern.  That is the question.

Katie who hopes no holds their breath waiting to see what I do.

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