Tuesday, March 1, 2011


March 1st - already?  Seems like only last week I was working on getting the Christmas stuff finished up.  I can not believe how quickly this year is moving along.  Tried to work on my DGD's quilt today.  Worked up a block, took some scrap fabric to work it out - it didn't work out. Okay, second try, recut, stitch, now the 4½" square is 4½ X 4" and I still don't have the placement right.  Oh, well, I didn't really like that block anyway!!!  So, put that idea aside, pulled out the scrap bin and worked on my 'sort of' pineapple paper pieced blocks (6" block that has 21 pieces).  Got 2 more blocks done.  Put scrap bin away and I go take a nap.  I'm thinking if I hadn't got my flu shot, I'd be having the flu.  Just not feeling up to par.  Tired, achy feeling..... that sort of thing.
Ah.... tomorrow is another day.....



A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Sorry you aren't feeling well. Hopefully you will be better tomorrow. Just curious - what pattern did you choose for your granddaughter's quilt?

Katie M. said...

I haven't chosen a pattern yet. I'm trying to work one out in EQ. I'm thinking the embroidery designs will be set on point, 'framed' in red and I'm thinking 'setting' triangles in the four corners that are split black & white. Thanks for asking.