Tuesday, March 8, 2011

All because of a little rack

My husband enjoys making me happy :-)  He has made me by Big Board for placing on my regular ironing board when I need to iron large yardages of fabric.  He's made me my acrylic tables to go around the free arms of my machines so I've got the nice large flat surface to hold quilts as I sew (My machines sit on a desk).  He's made me ruler racks that sit on the desk and so much more, But.......He saw a ruler rack that my friend's hubby made for her that hangs on the wall.  All I had to say was how nice it was and look what I got:
I admit to being a ruler junkie.  I love rulers, they just make things easier (once I learn how to use them).  And I so appreciate that my hubby made this for me.  Having the rulers hanging right over my cutting table is so convenient.  This is what this corner used to look like:
Note I said USED TO:  because quite frankly, I didn't have enough space for this wonderful rack to hang so this is what the corner now looks like:

The filing cabinet is gone - moved into the quilting room.  The older Kenmore machine in the cabinet
moved from the quilting room to the dining room.  And the huge fax/copy machine is sitting on the file cabinet in the quilting room where I don't have a phone jack.  Still able to use for copying, which really is it's main purpose, but if I want to send a fax....... And my cutting table - look at the picture, it actually sits over the edge of the desk.  My space between the edge of the desk and the wall was 35".  My cutting table is 36".  So hubby says," well the cutting table will sit above the desk and an inch won't make a big difference".  Well, he's so smart, why didn't I think of that????? So I move the cabinet and that fax and the other machine and..... well, CRAP - now I know why I didn't do this orignally - I'd thought about it, I do remember that much.  This is a JoAnn's fold up table and I keep the one side folded down unless I'm cutting garment patterns.  So folded down, it kept me from sliding the table in that corner.  So out comes my tool box and off comes that fold down section.  And if I want to cut out a garment - I'll pull out my 6' folding conference table :-)  All this rearranging because my hubby loves me enough to make me another ruler rack.  And I do love it so the rearranging was worth it.
And after the rearranging - I finished my granddaughter's quilt top:

As much as I liked the appearance of the pinwheels where the blocks matched, this needed to be a larger quilt, so I sashed and triple bordered.  There are 3 different reds and 2 different greys in this quilt.  And it all works because of the placement.  I have really been trying to use mostly fabrics from my stash but I don't have something to back this with - so a trip to buy backing fabric is in order (oh what a chore!)  The big decision will be red, black or grey?????  Her favorite color is red - so maybe... But maybe all three - I may do a pieced backing to make it 'reversible'.  Ah, decisions, decisions.
Now to go browse the net or magazines and see what else I can come up with for hubby to make :-)


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