Thursday, March 17, 2011

I'm tired!

Nothing new to show you, so going back into my archives:
I love this block.  I did it for a swap.  The recipient assigned each person in their group a specific embroidery design and then the person made their quilt block around the design.  I'm not even real sure where I got the pattern or if I made it up.  I just really like everything about it from the design to the fabric colors.
Oh, so why am I tired?  I spent the better part of my day outside.  Friend called about going on a ride (ATV) and off we went.  We did a 30 mile ride up in the mountains and I got me a little sunburn out of it.  Figured I'd wear long sleeves all day so no sunscreen - got pretty warm so ended up in a T shirt.  It was a glorious day and the desert mountains (gee, does that make sense?) are starting to show their green.  Down in the canyon floors, where water runs the trees are a bright green as they get their new leaves.  The contrast was amazing  - and me without my camera!  Looking across the canyons, I could see the hint of green where the new growth of spring is starting.  I'd bet that in about 3 weeks we'll have our burst of wild flowers - guess who'll be out riding?  This time with a camera!
And speaking of green - Happy St. Patty's Day!  My dad was Irish and mom always had the traditional corned beef and cabbage and Irish soda bread.  So I'll think of my dad and mom today and hope they're dancing a nice Irish jig in heaven.  They were wonderful parents.


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The Quilt Witches said...

What a wonderful block you must rest a while to get new energy and new inspiration
quilt Greetings Gerda