Sunday, February 27, 2011

a plan

My DGD just turned 16 and I let her choose the fabrics for her 16 yr. old quilt:

She chose these designs to go with her quilt.  Obviously she'll have a red, black and white quilt.  She also saw this fabric in my stash:
And she really loves the late 60's early 70's 'style'.  She would like me to make her something with this piece of fabric and I'm thinking maybe a toiletry bag......
QFC charity for Mar/ April will be making quilts for an NICU unit.  We've also been asked to make some hospital bags.  I've made 5 of these bags that use plastic tubing to keep the tops open and the handles of the bags are made to be fastened over a hospital bed rail, arm of a wheel chair, etc...

These little bags go together really quickly once you get the first one done.  I did these sort of assembly line but one could be done in less than hour.
But I started my day with this!

Winter wonderland! Someone forgot to tell Arizona that we're supposed to be warm and sunny.  I know compared to a very larger percentage of the U.S., this is nothing but I HATE the cold.  I'm from the U.P. of  Michigan originally and have lived in Alaska - I live in AZ for a reason!!!
As I stated when I started this post, my DGD turned 16.  For her birthday, DH & I took her to Olive Garden for dinner.  Then because we simply ate too much Kari and I decided to walk around a 'cosmetic' store (she's realy 'into' the makeup and beauty stuff).  This particular store had signs all over the store 'buy a certain amount in their store brand product and receive a free gift'.  Well that really appeal to my GD, so we chose the required amount to receive the free gift.  Get to the register and I ask if what we selected warranted the 'free' gift and I was told they no longer had the gift.  So I asked the clerk if I could receive a gift card/rain check for the gift.  I was told no, because it was only while supplies lasted.  Well, alrighty then!!! So why are there signs all over the store still advertising this?  I do believe this is considered 'baiting' the consumer.  If the selected items had not been for my GD, I would have simply walked out of the store.  Instead, I treated my GD anyway and now have an email into said company.  I'm seriously thinking I will be writing the County Attorney's Consumer Protection division as well.  I really hate when I see the 'baiting' that these companies do.  I mean, we see it all the time in flyers, especially during the holidays.  And the flyers state "limited quantities" but when you go into the stores, they don't have signage throughout their store still advertising the special.  This is right up there with False Advertising and it really ticked me off, so I'm going to do something about it.  Will anything become of it?  Probably not, but I'll feel better ;-)
Guess that's about it for now.  I will spend tomorrow finishing stitching out the designs for my DGD's birthday quilt and start cutting fabric (once I come up with a pattern )
Til next time,


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