Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sometimes I forget

Sometimes I forget to say Thank You and right now this applies to those who are 'following' me.  I sincerely appreciate that you've read my blog and found it interesting enough to 'follow', so Thank You!
Got my granddaughter's quilt on the frame yesterday and started quilting - well, sort of.  Just did not have any rhythm yesterday.  I finally just did the borders and sashing on the frame and have decide to stitch in the ditch around the designs.  And I did start that on the regular machine and remembered why I invested in a frame quilting set up - all that pushing and shoving a quilt through the small harp area.  I had decided to use my small lightweight Brother as it's sat in the corner long enough, but thinking today I'll try working with the Babylock as it has the larger harp area.  Babylock is really good for embroidery (since I finally discovered the right combination) but not so good for sewing (I won't go into that, it'll put me in a bad mood).  So wish me some luck - I'm anxious to get this quilt done and present to my granddaughter.
Today is ' Spring forward' except for us here in AZ.  I have to admit I'm glad we don't do the time change thing - I really don't see the advantage of it, but it might just be me :-)
I will probably have a bit of a busy week.  Going to Disney with my son and his family (Mar. 22 - 26).   I'm really looking forward to it.  I so enjoy spending time with family and love seeing the wonder in the kids eyes.  But before I leave, I have to get things finished that are in the 'production' stage.  It's a me thing - just feel the need to finish things before I go for any bit of a trip.  I know I won't get it all done, but I will still give it an honest attempt.  So.....if I'm MIA for a bit - I will be back!  (I do hope to get pictures up of my granddaughter's quilt!)
I am thanking God for my beautiful weather here in AZ and praying for those in Japan and the northeastern U.S. where they are experiencing the awful flooding.


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