Friday, March 4, 2011

only once a day?

Wonder if there's an unwritten rule that we only post once a day on our blogs???? I will probably break that rule today if there is ;-)  Spent most of yesterday in Tucson.  Things to do that can't be done in our little rural town then a doctor's app't.  Yea me, he took me off one of my medications.  Now to lose some weight and exercise more - I hear that everytime I see him.  But it's finally warming up here in AZ and I'm getting the urge to work in my little garden - wonder if that will count as exercise?!  Maybe I ought to pull out my grandma's old treadle machine and use it instead of a motorized machine........Might take me a while to get it going steady as it's been years (well probably decades) since I used it - now that would be exercise.  I might be able to get a pillow case done :-) 
Okay, so where was I??? Oh, probably nowhere.  I will finish up the quilt I started on Wed and finally, maybe, get started on my GD's black, red & white quilt.  I have the pattern in my head, just need to work out the right dimensions.  I'm anxious to get this done for her.
This weekend??? It will be close to 80 degrees here - I'm seeing some quad riding. 
Maybe later I'll have some pictures to post - til then


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