Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring fever!

Not the cleaning up type of Spring fever, the "I need to be out in the sunshine" type of Spring fever.  Low 80's where I live here in AZ and I am so loving it!  Yesterday I spent my morning outside getting some seeds planted, turning over soil in the garden - just simply enjoying the beautiful day God gave me.  I did do some sewing in the afternoon, but I must admit it was hard to be in the sewing room.  I started work on a handbag using some vinyl.  Going along great until it dawned on me that to attach the handles, I would be sewing through at least 6 layers of vinyl.  Then when I went to make the handles, well, vinyl is sort of 'sticky' when it's placed 'right sides together'  - try turning that tube right side out!  I gave up - on to plan B.  So I'm thinking I'll just buy some grey webing (the vinyl is grey) and use that for the purse handles.  So off to Hancock fabrics as I wanted to get the fabric to back my DGD's quilt.  Yep, they have webing - but do they have grey -noooooo.  So the purse is on hold until I figure out what I want to do or I get back into Tucson or simply find an online source.  And because I spent the better part of my day in Tucson, no sewing today.
I know many are still experiencing the cold/ cool and snow/rain.  I hope that will soon end and you can have Spring Fever with me :-)


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