Saturday, November 27, 2010

the season is off and running!

The Holiday season is officially off and running - or so the retailers say! Thanksgiving was wonderful.  My DIL & Son just always outdo themselves. 
Did you do Black Friday?  Oh, I thought about it.  Looked at the clock and rolled over and went back to sleep.  I did do some online shopping later in the day.  When I think of what I saved on gas to drive to Tucson (approx. 60 miles), not paying sales tax and many places offered free shipping, I was probably a little money ahead and definitely more sane!  I did go into JoAnn's today to buy batting.  At 50% off and a coupon for an additional 20%, I simply couldn't let it pass.  Now to get up my ambition to get a few of the quilts quilted I have in my stack.
I did get a couple of my fabric postcards done - these are about 5 X 7", but for my G-kids they're perfect.  I have at least one more to do for my DGD, but she's only 10 months old so her's will be softer (something to chew on)

I've also finished the quilt top for my sister's boyfriend.  He really likes sailboats and owns one.  Being in FL, he may not have much use for a quilt at home, but I'm hoping he'll use this on the boat.

I was undecided about the inner border - but the darker print has red and I really wanted to pull that out in the quilt - so red it was.  Now to decide how to quilt it!
Until next time, please stay safe.


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