Friday, November 5, 2010

Putting scraps away

Put my scraps basket away!  I have at least 3 quilts that I should be working on that are not associated with scraps, so get the scraps out of site and I will get going on what I should be working on!  I get so easily sidetracked :-)
Took some preprinted panels (11" square) and framed them out to make them 'placemat' size.  I will put a piece of backing on the Tin Lizzy and will quilt them all at one time.  I'd thought about free motion quilting them with the regular sewing machine, but I've also wanted to see how doing something like this on the longarm would work out - guess I'll find out!
Will be visiting a couple quilt shops tomorrow that I've never been it - always a fun time!  Not looking for something particular, but bet I come out with something :-)
I'm feeling bad for the people of Haiti.  First the devasting earthquake and then the colera outbreak and now the flooding from Hurrican Tomas.  Please remember this devasted country in your prayers.


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