Thursday, November 11, 2010

one more off the list!

As we start to roll into the Holiday season, I start making lists - probably the only time of year I actually have a 'list'!  I'm usually racing to get projects done a couple weeks before Christmas, and amazingly seem to get them completed.  Sometimes I think I simply work better under preasure.  I love to make flannel jammies for my family.  So... yesterday I pulled out my flannel stash and started cutting.  Now I have a stack ready to just be sewn.  I had originally hoped (note I didn't say planned?) to get some slippers crocheted/knitted to go with jammies, but that's not going to happen.  I have carpal tunnel in each hand and I can only crochet or knit for about 30 minutes and then the hands go numb - bummer! Now I feel like I'm officially into the Holiday season.
Today is Veteran's Day.  I hope everyone takes a moment to remember our veterans past, appreciate our troops present and support or troops future.  Without our brave men and women in the armed forces, we would not be able to enjoy our freedoms of today.


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