Friday, November 19, 2010

I HATE colds!

Instead of sewing yesterday, took the day and spent it in Tucson (approx. 50 miles SW) with DH.  I am wanting to buy a new sofa so thought I'd take a look, but nothing jumped out at me.  So I'll wait.  DH is getting ready for his hunting season, so we had some places to stop for him.  When you live in a rural community, you take advantage of being in the city when you can!  By the time we got home, about 5 hours later, I just wasn't feeling myself.  Within an hour, I knew what was going on.  I have a darn cold.  Chest congestion and hot, runny eyes.  Took some nighttime cold medicine and was out for the count.  Today I just feel run down (probably a medicine hangover!)   But I will hit the sewing room.  Thought about pulling out the scrap basket and doing some 'mindless' sewing but if I pull it out, everything else gets put on hold.  What is my fascination with scraps!?   But I do enjoy making fabric postcards, so maybe a couple of them in Christmas themes are a good idea.  Guess sitting here thinking about it isn't getting it done ;-)  off to the sewing room I go.  And I will try very hard not to spread my cold germs!  Thank goodness those germs don't travel over cyber space.


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