Sunday, November 28, 2010

need to piece a block

Seriously, I need to piece a block!!! Ever have anyone ask why you'd cut fabric into little pieces just to sew them back together again to make a large piece of  fabric?!  Of course, my answer is simply because "I can".  I used to be a garment sewist (I don't like sewer - sounds like something smelly).  I took the required Home Ec class in 7th grade.  Even the teacher wasn't too impressed with my sewing skills!  When I started having children and the first 2 were girls, I knew I had to do something to dress them the way I wanted to.  So, bought a simple Singer straight/zig zag machine, a pattern and some thread and went to town.  I was hooked!  I wouldn't call myself an advanced seamstress by any stretch, but I have managed to muddle through a simple wedding gown.  But as the kids grew up and left home, I didn't have much call for garment sewing.  A friend asked me to take a quilt class with her in 2001 - I've been quilting ever since!  Now I had taken a beginner's quilt class from the local community college back in the early 80's, but WOW had things changed!  Anyway.......after sewing a few jammies for my G-kids this past week, I appreciate that I can now call myself a 'quilter'.  I like simple straight sewing and those small pieces!  It's a lot easier to unsew a 4 or 6" seam than a 14" seam (or larger)!  So after a couple days of the jammie thing, today will be spent piecing SOMETHING!!! Don't know what yet but I'm sure it'll be something I will use :-)


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